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What Are The Main Forms Of Printing To Design Your Advertising Materials

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Advertising remains one of the best-privileged means of communication for the company. Printing support such as prospectuses allows it to make itself known to potential customers or partners. However, to obtain quality support, it is advisable to choose the process which corresponds to your needs. Discover the existing primary forms of printing, their particularity, and their advantages here.

Offset Printing

Offset printing is a well-known technique in the printing industry. In particular, it allows you to print various marketing tools such as business cards, flyers, or leaflets. It is an inexpensive technology that offers good inking stability and fast drying. Its main interest lies in the presence of the four groups of printers that allow the four CMYK colors to be engraved.

In addition, it is based on two techniques (wet and waterless) and works with different press methods (rotary, direct, sheet by sheet, and many others). For example, the rotary press is the ideal procedure for newspapers. It makes it possible to process all the papers simultaneously and separate them for the cutter.

Offset technology is more used to process professional printing on all media. It adapts to the different grammages of paper and offers one of the best renderings in terms of colors in the field of printing.

Digital Printing

If you want to print a file stored on your computer, then digital printing is your technology. It allows, in particular, to make short runs and to carry out unit personalization. The main advantages of this system are the possibility of continuous printing, the affordable cost, the simplicity of installation, and a reduced production time.

It mainly uses two types of printers. On one side, we find the jet printer that works with liquid ink cartridges. On the other side, the laser printer uses powder ink, which saves time in printing small quantities. It is this machine that is used for the design of a small number of communication tools such as prospectuses or flyers.

Screen Printing

Screen printing is a technique that is mainly used to print diagrams or characters on supports such as wood, metal, glass, textiles, or advertising. The printer will use a stencil to put the ink on the object during this process. The silkscreen is replaced in modern printing houses by polyester or polyamide. It has a varied field of action. Thus, it can intervene in the advertising sector, in the textile industry, or the manufacture of electronic components.

Sublimation Printing

Sublimation is a procedure that applies to textile printing. It is ideal for polyester because this material offers a better rendering. The models are printed on paper capable of withstanding high temperatures and are placed hot on the final support thanks to vaporization. Solidifying the ink on the fabric will make it possible to obtain a high-end rendering.

In addition, one of the main advantages of sublimation printing is the vivid and resistant colors and the uniform shades it offers. You can use it to print your tablecloths, fabric counters, banners, table runners, and any other textile communication support.

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