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Optimize Business Processes With The ERP Sage 200

Optimize Business Processes With The ERP Sage 200

Business management is made up of multiple processes on a day-to-day basis that requires efficiency, agility and profitability that are impossible to achieve through manual tasks or with essential office software. This post proposes a solution for the Digital Kit that allows you to optimize business processes with the ERP Sage 200 Advanced Edition.

In the previous post, we presented the best CRM solution for the digitization of SMEs. Just as important is digitizing business management. In this sense, it is key to deploy an ERP program capable of responding to all business areas’ administrative and executive needs. Implementing various business management software focused only on specific functions and for certain departments is useless. Using one for billing issues, another for payroll, another for warehouses. Makes administration difficult and slow and prevents having unique data and a 360º view of the business.

That is why the best business process management solution to invest in the Digital Voucher aid is to deploy an ERP program to centralize all the management of the various departments of a company in a single point. You can easily access any data in real-time and quickly make decisions based on up-to-date information. That solution is Sage 200 Advanced Edition, a modular cloud ERP with advanced features.

The Requirements Of The Digital Voucher With The ERP Sage Advanced Edition

From our deep knowledge of its technology and our experience in SMEs, we point out the benefits of the ERP Sage Advanced Edition software. To begin with, with a single solution, you will be able to digitize all the business processes subsidized by the Digital Voucher : Accounting/finance: accounts receivable/payable, asset management and generation of closings and balances, etc.

In addition, the ERP Sage 200 Advanced Edition meets the characteristics required by the Digital Kit to implement a process solution : Integration with various platforms. Through APIs or Web Services with any compatible application on the market access to solution updates with new versions. Adaptable to growth or changes in the business structure of the SME. If your company grows or changes structurally, the solution will adapt to these changes.

Advanced Features Of The Sage 200 Advanced Edition ERP Solution

Sage 200 Advanced Edition is an ERP for cloud and modular SMEs. This means that it is easily accessible through the cloud, without complicated implementations, whose functions can be incorporated depending on the sector and the needs of the company (accounting and finance, purchases and sales, manufacturing, post-sale, project management, payroll, commercial /marketing/customer service).

It is a collaborative ERP with which to manage the different business areas. The connectivity between them is key for the program to integrate data from the different departments and make them available to the people who need them, regardless of the area. Based on their profile, they will have access to key information no matter where it was generated.

Everyone (general management, financial management, technology managers, office managers, production managers and teams, manufacturing, commercial/sales, HR) has access to specific, summarized information, KPIs, reports, executive formats, etc., that simplify your work. In addition, Sage 200 Advanced Edition is an analytical ERP with AI that warns of any impactful incident for the business. And all this with the security of working within a framework of strict legal compliance.

Invest In Digital Vouchers In The ERP Sage 200 Advanced Edition To Increase Productivity And Competitiveness

Sage 200 Advanced Edition is an easy-to-use and open ERP that increases employee productivity by being able to connect with other programs that are very common in SMEs. This is the case of its integration with Microsoft 365 (Word, Excel, Outlook.). It also incorporates dashboards with Microsoft’s Power BI analytics service.

The virtual assistant with Artificial Intelligence of Sage 200 Advanced Edition offers excellent usability. It is an intelligent ERP that proactively provides information (through alerts and warnings) to simplify daily operations and help make the best decisions. Access to contextual help depends on the use of the solution.

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