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This Is The New Way To Steal A WhatsApp Account

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The new attack on the WhatsApp system focuses on the popular six-digit code that it requests to verify and that is usually received by SMS when the device is changed or the application is reinstalled. Both actions are very common among users of this famous app and this allows hackers to have many occasions.

The new attack scheme used by cybercriminals is quite sophisticated, according to the WABetaInfo portal, which provides a very clear description of the procedure and its consequences on our devices. The key is to know how to protect yourself from these unwanted attacks that compromise our privacy.

The trick of the hackers is to send an SMS from an apparent computer that pretends to be a WhatsApp technical support requesting the user this verification code after signing the consent, with a very credible appearance that everything is legal and correct, but Nothing is further from reality, according to experts.

The technicians point out that it should not be forgotten that WhatsApp never asks for a message to send itself, it is rare and even ridiculous. Also, remember that the OK or green checker must be turned on and visible, apart from the fact that the platform never asks for data or codes to verify absolutely nothing, or at least not in this way.

The trick of the hackers is to send an SMS from an apparent computer that pretends to be a WhatsApp technical support. Experts show the official WhatsApp chat screen where you can see with complete clarity how there is no chat tool or option with the possibility of responding to any official message, as the creators of this sophisticated deception try to make you believe that so many headaches it is causing many users.

Also, it should be noted that many contacts that claim to be WhatsApp are not, and when she explores or delves a little deeper, it is discovered that they are fake or fake. Unfortunately, it is not a new practice on this platform by cybercriminals, so you have to pay close attention to what is answered and how it is done.

The problem has come from something as simple as WhatsApp verifying the new devices of its users, checking if it is linked to the original phone number, so it sends them a simple SMS to confirm that. But he never verifies the number on the device itself, it is enough with sending the SMS.

This protocol has been used as a decoy by hackers, who have seen in it a simple and clean way to get hold of the accounts and private data of many users who have stung the false letter, believing that they were complying with a protocol. original security, while their private accounts were being violated.

Keep in mind that if a hacker knows a personal number, and is done with the user’s verification code, they can appropriate their account and install it on any other device, even with a different number, posing as it, to be able to perform any type of cybercrime, since its purpose with these practices is usually quite dark.

To guarantee that this does not happen, the user only has to follow two simple verification steps: Configuration>Account, which means that every time someone tries to verify your number, they will need to accompany it with a pin with six digits that you must have previously created yourself with this same tool, thus ensuring much superior shielding in your preferred communication application.

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