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Neuromarketing Essentially A Sales Tool

By TrendsTechBlog , in MARKETING , at September 9, 2020 Tags: ,

The world is going through a difficult time, in which everything that worked for brands, overnight, had to change. Many businesses had to migrate to models focused on digital, others closed, others had to reinvent themselves to offer products and services that people did not need before and now do.

This time, like all moments of uncertainty, forces us to think “outside the box”, to be creative, and look for new ways to achieve our goals, to obtain more clients, to sell more. For this, and in the face of the growing importance of digital, we have creative tools and methods at hand that help us reach the desired people with greater impact; among them social networks and neuromarketing.

Here are five ways in which neuromarketing can help you get closer to your customers and increase your sales in networks:

  1. Build A Relationship With Your Audience: Social networks are just that: social. People are not interested in seeing promotions or product descriptions. Rather, they look for brands that care about them, that connect with their values ​​, and that they establish a relationship with. The most important thing to accomplish this is to always listen to them, see their comments and interactions, and respond. Let them see that you care about them and that you are here for them.
  2. Find The Right Words To Convey Your Messages: This is the basis of neuromarketing. Some examples of what works:
    It starts with a hook
    Use the word YOU
    Explode the superlatives (super, mega, maximum, etc.)
    Call to action with every message
  3. Find Stories To Tell: The most successful posts on social media are those that inspire people through stories. They show the human side of a brand, the inspiration behind its launch, the struggle to grow. We must always look for the stories that make up our brand or product, from behind the camera, a testimonial from a previous client, or how it could improve the experience of its users.
  4. Use Audiovisual Tools: One of the fastest-growing trends in social networks and marketing content are audios and videos, since they are more attractive and facilitate the permanence of people in your message. Make sure your posts contain videos or reply to comments with voice notes. You don’t know the difference this will make.
  5. Repeat: The more we hear or see a message, the more it will stick in our minds. Focus on one product per week and promote it in different ways. This will cause people to remember you and you more easily.

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