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How To Modernize The Network To Meet Business IT Demands

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The network is an excellent highway of data for the company. Without their continuous review and updating, investment efforts in technological improvements can be frustrating. Below, we provide critical insights on modernizing the network to meet business IT demands.

As with other resources that make up the technological infrastructure of companies, the new scenarios in which business is carried out require an update of network solutions, without going any further, the exponential growth in the use of mobile devices, the rise of hybrid multi-cloud architectures, the growing incorporation of IoT systems and increasingly distributed work environments have generated connectivity needs and security risks that must be addressed.

I am trying to adapt the existing network infrastructure in the company to these new situations, which is quite foolhardy. In this way, it is impossible to respond to businesses’ IT efficiency demands today. There is no capacity, neither for time nor human resources, to cover the continuous requests between the systems without falling into connection and security failures that result in dissatisfaction on the part of the end user, be it internal staff, clients, suppliers, etc.

SD-WAN Network Management And Aiops Networking Solutions

VLAN solutions are an excellent example of the inability of traditional network technology to meet these new challenges. Its architecture makes it difficult to provide the scalability and connectivity that remote work demands, already inevitably linked to cloud environments. The network infrastructure must encompass multiple protocols to ensure the necessary connections. On the other hand, compared to traditional management focused on local networks, it is essential to renew towards a cloud management solution that ensures scalable consumption of the network. In this management modernization it is highly recommended to modernize the WAN network infrastructure towards.

SD-WAN model to avoid bottlenecks and achieve an automatic balancing of network resources, whether physical, wireless, or WAN. The advantages of an SD-WAN network have a lot to do with a critical term in IT: automation. In the case of networks, today, even if one tried, it is practically impossible to manually govern the continuous connection processes that exist in datacenters and the amount of data generated by networking solutions. At the operational level, automation is essential, but it is necessary to go one step further and opt for AIOps systems, that is, to apply artificial intelligence to network governance. AI in networking operations focuses on monitoring, analyzing, and managing networks adopting the best configurations.

Secure Network Solutions And NAAS Services

Network Virtualization and Network Functions Virtualization NFV have been the path taken by many organizations committed to network modernization. The commitment to cloud-native solutions for network management has been one more step to guarantee a continuous update of the software that makes it possible. It is an excellent decision to test the positive effects of renewal in specific services and avoid large projects and outlays. In this sense, the network’s NaaS (Network as a Service) concept makes these first experiences as easy as possible.

These services are offered by the leading cloud providers that provide everything necessary to deploy a network and manage it: hardware, software, licenses, and support. With this package, you can join your management as an IT managed service. In addition, NaaS services incorporate cybersecurity solutions in a SASE environment (secure access services). The term cybersecurity indeed always has to be present when talking about networks. Any renewal of networks must guarantee that all access to them is governed by corporate security policies with Zero Trust identification and authentication systems.

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