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Marketing Automation Tools To Generate Automatic Leads

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The world of work is in turmoil today. The health crisis is mainly responsible for this profound transformation of internal and external uses in companies. Still, it is, in fact, only the catalyst of a revolution already underway for many years. From the advent of IT, companies understood that the battle for profit would now be played out on the networks and that marketing would never be the same again.

Digital tools have indeed revolutionized business processes. Today, we can plan and optimize human resources, connect the various departments or even streamline employee communication using the software. Still, if there is a sector that digital tools have genuinely transformed, it is good. Marketing. With the tools of marketing automation, you can generate automatic leads and increase your sales with ease. Explanations.

Marketing Automation, A Strategic Tool

Marketing automation is based on the processing capacities of digital tools to allow companies to generate automatic leads using specialized software. For companies, this is an excellent opportunity to streamline their processes, limit teams’ mobilization for daunting and time-consuming tasks and, therefore, ultimately, improve the quality of customer relations while increasing turnover. Business.

Not only does marketing automation free up time for your employees, but it also allows you to refine your marketing campaigns by very explicitly targeting groups of individuals according to their profile, their behavior on your various websites or simply their interactions with your chatbots. Therefore, this tool is at the service of the reputation of your company, of increasing its catchment area and increasing its sales.

Generate Automatic Leads And Increase Sales Figures

To create an effective marketing automation strategy, you need to use the right levers. To do this, it is essential to know how to select the right tool. There is a wide variety of them on the web. Some require some knowledge of computer coding, but most are turnkey solutions delivered with a support service that allows configuration and maintenance tailored to your needs.

To generate automatic leads, and therefore to advance the status of simple visitors to your sites towards potential customers, multiple levers are used by marketing automation software. We think in particular of the sending of personalized emails, web tracking, webinars or even download forms accessible via your landing pages. In the next paragraph, you will present several available solutions.

Practical Tools For Your Marketing Success

Marketo is undoubtedly one of the complete tools for generating automatic leads. It allows you to automate personalized marketing emails, attract your customers to your online store or identify and prioritize the most suitable channels to convert your leads. It is nevertheless quite expensive and will not necessarily be ideal for small structures. Hubspot is more flexible because, not content with facilitating the connection between 4 different software, it also offers a free version.

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