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Managing Remote Computers From The Help Desk

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Help desks are places that allow people to get answers to questions and concerns. In the virtual world, a help desk provides information and support to computer users, either within a company or remotely. Help desks are critical functions within an organization that is necessary for resolving issues, requests, and complaints quickly. An internal help desk is used to resolve problems within an organization and external help desks are used for remote customer, vendor, and/or partner service requests. Along with the use of quality help desk software, efficiency is essential when it comes to satisfying clients. In order to ensure your clients are satisfied, here are a few tips to simplify and efficiently manage remote computers from the help desk.

Use The Appropriate Tools

There are a number of tools available for remote support, including different types of help desk software. Each tool provides a different feature and they are drastically different, so it’s important to find the appropriate tools for your specific use. The tools you choose should be easy to use as well as serve all of your purposes. If you find that one solution doesn’t work for all of your needs, you can use multiple solutions; just remember to not let your solutions cause issues for the remote computers.

Avoid Causing Panic To Remote Computer Users

It’s extremely important that you are careful with your responses. For instance, don’t let remote users hear you use phrases like “well that’s definitely not right” or “oh no, this is bad”. At some point, there will be a remote computer that you cannot fix, but when this time comes it’s essential you are professional and don’t make the user worry. It’s also critical that you not let remote users know that there is a problem beyond your skillset or that you may have made a problem worse. Reassure the user that the problem will be resolved, but you may need to seek assistance from a higher-level technician, this will help the user understand that you’ve got their best interest in mind.

Consistency Is Critical

It isn’t uncommon for you to have repeat help desk users; in fact, some remote users will continually pop up in your help desk ticket queue repeatedly. For this reason, it’s crucial that you are consistent in your approach to provide remote support; both in how you provide instructions to the user and with the help desk software you use. Being consistent will go a long way in relieving remote users and it will ultimately make your job easier.

Purchase The Help Desk Software That You’ll Need

Trying to use a free version of help desk software will usually hurt you in the long run. If you are serious about managing remote computers, it’s important that you purchase a full license for the help desk software. This will avoid time limitations and you’ll have all of the features that come with the full version. Managing remote computers is your job, so it’s important that you take it seriously and have the full version of the help desk software and all the other tools you’ll need.

It is extremely important that you are being efficient, without being rude, and do not spend excessive amounts of time chatting with clients. It’s okay to chat with remote users while you are waiting for a reboot or a download, but it’s important to keep conversations short and to the point. The more time you spend chatting about things outside of the task at hand, the longer it will take for you to complete the job, which will end up costing the remote user. Keep in mind that remote users depend on you to be efficient and professional and to use only the most efficient help desk software.

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