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Mac Productivity Tricks That Every User Must Embrace In 2021

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Mac users are often tech-savvy because they have the best technology at their fingertips with a device that offers a premium look and feel. However, you can always do something better with these devices when it comes to maximizing your productivity. Everything boils down to knowing the features it packs and whatever else you can do for using your Mac to your advantage. As the New Year is just around the corner, it makes sense to brush up on the tricks and hacks you can use to get the best from your device. Here are the productivity tricks that every user must embrace in 2021.

Know All The Keyboard Shortcuts

If you have just switched to Mac, the best thing to do this New Year is to get comfortable with all the keyboard shortcuts you can use on it. Once you master them, you will end up saving loads of time on repetitive tasks. For example, Command+Space lets you search for anything on your system or even the internet while you can quickly switch between multiple windows open with the Command+Tab shortcut. The best thing about Mac is that you can even create your own shortcuts to optimize it according to your preference. With this trick, you can be as productive as you want to be.

Clear Up The Clutter

The best piece of advice for Mac users looking for a measurable productivity boost this New Year is to clear up the clutter from your device. All the stray files and folders that you will probably never use end up eating the resources and slowing down the system. Moreover, they also tend to distract you and make you less productive. You can read more about speeding up your Mac here, and you will realize how important decluttering it periodically is. Do it as you step in 2021 and maintain a routine throughout the year. Steer clear of the habit of loading your desktop because it can be the worst culprit. Even if you store files and folders here, clear up the ones you don’t require at the earliest.

Optimize For Multiple Displays

Although working with one screen sounds simple, using a multiple display setup is a far better approach if you want to be your productive best. It gives you ample space to work without distractions. Moreover, you will not have to expand and minimize windows repeatedly in the middle of tasks. It means that you can accomplish things faster and without errors. You have the option of using multiple screens with Apple Sidecar. The feature lets you access a second screen for your Mac with an iPad. The best part is that you can connect wirelessly via Bluetooth and use the two devices together without any hassles.

If you are a Mac user, you will realize how incredible these devices are, particularly when it comes to productivity. The more you explore, the better you can get on this front. Go ahead and know your Mac better to unlock the best it has to offer!

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