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LiFi High Speed Internet Through Light

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LiFi is an innovation whose goal is to improve exchanges between communication devices. It is indeed an alternative that overcomes the limits of Wi-Fi. From the definition to its advantages, we have highlighted all the fundamental elements relating to this future system in this article.

Definition And Mode Of Operation Of LiFi

LiFi is a wireless communication system that uses visible light. Unlike Wi-Fi powered by the electromagnetic spectrum, LiFi employs the optical range. It works by encoding and transmitting data through the transformation of the amplitude of light sources, respecting the protocol.

In addition, by using an LED bulb several times, information is transferred by creating a random binary code. The rapid changes in the sequences make it possible to send all types of data at a higher speed than Wi-Fi. Do not hesitate to adopt LiFi Technology: the Internet through light.

The Different Advantages Of LiFi

Light Fidelity is a technology with multiple benefits. It’s about :

  • The multiplication of access points;
  • Reducing expenses;
  • Reinforcement of security;
  • A connection with a more stable and high speed.

LED bulbs are nowadays widely used by many households and individuals, which contributes to the multiplication of potential access points. As for the reduction of expenses, it is possible to carry out the equitable distribution of the installation costs and optimize the exploitation of the lighting. Regarding the security system, the light waves serving as the basis for LiFi cannot go beyond your private space. For this purpose, the risk of hacking is almost impossible.

Finally, LiFi is much faster than Wi-Fi. In this sense, Oledcomm presented it at the beginning of 2020 as a solution capable of reaching a speed of 1 Gb/s. However, his device forces the user to remain close to a light source in operation. In addition, its diffusion is minimal, and interference with other light sources such as sunlight can hinder its process.

The First Experiences Of LiFi

Since its launch, LiFi has attracted many individuals and communities. In, it has been installed in many sectors. As part of a temporary exhibition in 2015, anyone wishing to discover the playing card museum could access the visitor guide via a tablet equipped with a LiFi key. In addition, the train stations are equipped with luminous GPS. In addition to these first uses, Air joined forces in November 2019 to launch the project to install LiFi in planes to allow passengers to enjoy a good connection during their flight.

LiFi And The 5G Network

LiFi technology and 5G network can complement each other. In Germany, some companies such as Vodafone and Signify have taken the initiative to combine the power of 5G with LiFi to offer a secure broadband connection. On the other hand, Huawei also presented a project within the framework of the use of 5G in addition to LiFi, more specifically in the field of health.

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