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Latest Announcement Of IBM Permanently Facial Recognition

Latest Announcement Of IBM Permanently Facial Recognition

The multinational IBM has wanted to make it very clear, that although they are aware that their facial recognition technology is very useful to law enforcement officers, they also do not want it to serve to promote injustice or racial discrimination, so they are not willing to go out on that photo or continue to contribute their technology to this task.

This past Monday, June 8, 2020, the company announced that they have decided to stop distributing their facial recognition software, through a formal letter addressed to the US Congress; This decision stems from the controversial death of George Floyd, who has convulsed the country from coast to coast.

IBM has not limited itself to communicating its decision to Congress, it has also taken the opportunity to contribute its idea of how technology should be used by the law and how it could benefit us all, never harm us. They also propose promoting racial equity and social justice, as well as reforming the police from the grassroots along with responsible use of technologies.

IBM has decided to stop distributing its facial recognition and analysis software. Arvind Krishna, CEO of IBM, has conveyed the firm’s flat refusal to participate in any technology that allows mass control of people, makes racial differences or condones violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms, something far from the politics and ethics of the international company.

Arvind Krishna has also pointed out that technology can and should be at the service of the police in its work to protect the community, but it can never be behind discrimination or racial injustice. The president insists that this is the stage to work with national security agencies, on how and what is the correct protocol to follow to make good use of this recognition technology.

But IBM is allowing itself to go a little further than its purely technical competencies and encourages authorities to formulate new federal regulations that regulate the responsibility and misconduct of agents, as much as good technologies are provided, if humans do not We apply them based on a code of conduct, little can be done to correct what we have already seen.

It also pointed out that the police themselves should all carry built-in technology, such as body security cameras, that record all their behavior, and that can then be reviewed in the event of a complaint by a citizen. Something that would not be much less complicated to implement by the US legal system.

Many agents from different states already carry these devices, mainly traffic devices, but it would be good, according to IBM experts, if it were something general and mandatory in each police officer, as a formula for controlling their actions and interventions in certain situations, in which his conduct should be impeccable and professional, however, complicated they may be to solve.

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