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ITIL Foundation Training? How Does It Benefit Your Career

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ITIL or the Information Technology Infrastructure Library is an IT Service Management approach used by organizations all across the world. The ITIL framework has been created using the best practices followed by the public as well as private sectors. AXELOS took the ownership of ITIL framework in 2013. It works on maintaining the ITIL framework and accrediting examination and training institutes. There are hundreds of Accredited Training Organizations (ATOs) of ITIL that deliver training for the same. At the end of the course, the ITIL certification exam is conducted.

There are four certification levels offered by ITIL:

  1. Foundation
  2. Managing Professional
  3. Strategic Leader
  4. Expert

Note that ITIL has a credit system that it uses to reach from Foundation to the Expert levels. With each certification, you will be earning some credits. To achieve the expert certification, you will have to earn 22 credits.

The ITIL Foundation Certification

ITIL Foundation is an entry-level certification covering the basics of the ITIL framework. It is the most-preferred IT certification for newbies who want to start learning ITIL and get certified. There are no eligibility requirements for the Foundation certification. If you are interested in the subject, you can appear for the exam. The training program is accomplished via distance learning options, classroom, or self-study. However, completing the training course is not a requirement to appear for the Foundations exam. There are 40 MCQs in the exam that you have to answer within 60 minutes. You have to get 65% marks or 26 questions correct for passing the exam.

The certification will be covering five practice areas of the service lifecycle of ITIL including how the lifecycle stages have a link with one another. An IT professional will have to go for higher-level ITIL certifications before they qualify for service management roles. However, the Foundation certificate is required for the next level certifications.

As per AXELOS, ITIL offers a lot of benefits to IT Service Management as a best practice approach. ITSM is driven by organizational environment and technology. Both of these factors are in constant flux and constant evolution. The best practices of ITIL have been created using the inputs from ITIL users, advice from experts, and a combination of the latest thinking with common sense and sound guidance. This is why ITIL has become such an important methodology that is known for delivering business outcomes for the organizations.

Today, if you have ITIL certification on your resume as an IT professional, you will be highly valued in the industry. You will have access to better options and opportunities for moving up the career ladder in either your own company or any other enterprise. An ITIL Foundation certificate in your CV will make you stand apart from the crown by widening your reach and benchmarking your ITSM skills.

The average income of an ITIL-certified professional can range from $92,000 to $105,842, depending on the area you are working in. For the ITIL Foundation certification, the average salary exceeded $98,000. As you go for advanced level certifications, your income potential will increase as well and can even exceed $117,000.

We all like money. But, ITIL certifications have value way beyond that for individual professionals and organizations. The benefits of the ITIL Foundation certificate are universal and can be used for different work environments and industries. For organization, it includes ensuring that the services are aligned for meeting the business’s needs, managing service disruption/failure and risk, and providing a stable environment that supports business changes.

Target Audience

The ITIL Foundation certification is for all the individuals who want to gain a basic understanding of the ITIL framework and how it can be implemented for enhancing the ITSM’s quality in the organization. It is also for IT professionals working in an organization who have either adopted or are planning to adopt ITIL. This way, you will be contributing to your organization’s service improvement program.

Here are some job roles that can gain benefits from ITIL Foundation certification:

  • Business managers
  • Business process owners
  • CIOs
  • CTOs
  • IT architects
  • IT audit managers
  • IT consultants
  • IT planners
  • IT professionals
  • IT security managers
  • ITSM trainers
  • Managers
  • Service designers
  • Service Strategy
  • Supervisory staff
  • Team leaders, and more

As mentioned above, the ITIL Foundation is an entry-level certification. Once you have completed this, you can go for the advanced-level certifications to improve your understanding of the ITIL framework:

  • ITIL Managing Professional (MP)
  • ITIL Strategic Leader (SL)
  • ITIL Master

Benefits Of ITIL Foundation Training

There are several benefits of completing the ITIL Foundation training and getting this globally-recognized certification:

  • Becoming an ITIL-certified professional will help in improving your position in the market.
  • With your experience and training in ITIL framework, you will be able to stand apart from the crowd as well as from your uncertified counterparts.
  • By learning how to use ITIL techniques and tools, you will be able to improve your effectiveness and efficiency at the workplace.
  • The certification will get you recognized by your colleagues from inside and outside the organization because of your expertise.
  • The training will help you learn the common language of ITSM that provides better communication among different management levels.
  • You will have the skills of implementing new ideas from ITIL framework and facilitate customer desired outcomes by using those practices.
  • You will be able to increase the contribution to ITSM by identifying opportunities for aligning the IT services, cost optimization, automating the standard tasks, and taking a customer-centric approach to ITSM.

As the demand increases, the number of IT professionals who are going for the ITIL Foundation training online is also continuing to grow every day. So, this is the best time for you to get ITIL certified and be a part of this global community. It is a sure-shot way of taking your career to the next level.

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