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How Understanding Your Audience Through Instagram Insights Can Bring More Traffic To Your Account

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We Live In A Century Of Technological Advancement.

Probably a big part of our community don’t even remember the good old days when the phones were being used just to call someone and all functionalities of the phone end there. Now with all the technological advancements our smartphones became multifunctional. People are able not only to communicate with their friends and families through their phones,but they can use their smartphones to do pretty much everything. Some people even work only through their smartphones. You can easily find out everything you are seeking for, with just one click.
Alongside all the new functions that are being added with each release of a new phone, there are a variety of different apps as well that were developed and released over the years.

The QUEEN Platform Instagram.

Do you remember how popular Facebook was 10 years ago? We can say that Facebook is the KING platform of the Internet as when it was released back in 2004, it literally grabbed the attention of the whole world. Six years after the development of Face book, a new platform, named Instagram, appeared on the scene and we are confident enough to declare that now Instagram is as successful as Facebook was once, maybe even more. Both platforms are being used by billions of people all over the world, however the last few years, the main focus was shifted from Facebook to Instagram and this is not surprising as Instagram supports many features and functions that Facebook does not.

Why Do Business Owners Prefer To Promote Their Goods And Services On Instagram Rather Than On Facebook?

Facebook and Instagram are social media sites that can be used for both personal usage and business purposes. In fact Instagram was developed back in 2010 by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger but only 2 years after the platform was released, Mark Zuckerberg, the owner of Facebook announced that he has bought Instagram as well, for 1 billion dollars in cash and now he owns both platforms.

However the last few years the business sector paid its attention mostly on Instagram and left Facebook a little bit behind, because Instagram is a better platform for business advertising. The app supports tools that allow its users to target the audience they would like to reach which makes the process of converting a visitor into a customer easier. Instagram is also really effective when it comes to engaging the audience, which means that this platform has the power to catch and keep the interest of the audience.

How Can Instagram Be Really Effective When It Comes To Understanding Your Audience And Providing Them Content They Will Be interested In?

Many research studies show that Instagram is a brilliant platform that can give you all the information you need in order to understand your followers and what they would like to see from you. With one of the updates last year, Instagram team added a new tool that is specially made for people who maintain business accounts. This tool is called “Insights” and there you can receive detailed information regarding your followers and also how your posts perform over the social platform. The information you can find there about your followers is their gender, their location, average age and some more demographics. Of course if you have just started using Instagram you probably will not have an established audience, therefore the social media suppliers exist and you can buy real followers on Instagram from them.

Business is on Instagram chasing different goals. Some business owners use the platform to find new customers, others are there to build and establish brand awareness and credibility or drive sales. Now let’s review the metrics you can track using the Insights section on Instagram.

  1. In order to build awareness to your brand, the metrics you can select are as follows – reach, impressions and profile visits. These statistics are visible in the Content tab. By being aware of these metrics you can track the number of people that have visited your account, your publications and your Instagram stories. You can reach this statistics also on a specific post where you can find out where the other users of the social platform discovered your post, whether from location, hashtags or from the Explore tab on Instagram.
  2.  If you are aiming to drive your sales the metrics you should track are profile visits, shopping posts clicks and stoppable clicks count. If you have a website and you provided a link that leads to it in your bio section, you can also track website clicks which is an available option if you set your account as a business page.
  3. If you would like to engage your followers the metrics you should track are the interactions you receive on your posts such as likes, comments and shares. By tracking these statistics you will understand how your posts perform on Instagram, what people like to see and what type of content you should upload in order to engage your audience.

Our team has also collected a few tips that will help you to establish your presence on Instagram easily by tracking the insights we have mentioned above. Let’s have a look.

  • Upload content when your followers are most active. As we have already mentioned the “ Insights “ tool on Instagram can provide you detailed information regarding your followers and one of the metrics you can check there is the days and the hours when your audience is most active. This method will help you to maximize the number of people that see and interact with your uploads. It will also bring more traffic on your account such as likes, comments and shares. If you think that the likes you receive on your posts are not enough, you can buy likes on Instagram from different companies.
  • Use hashtags and locations tags. Both hashtags and location tags are considered to be really effective when it comes to attracting new followers. You should do some research and find out what are the trendy hashtags related to your niche and you should start adding them when you post content. Add location tags as well, because many users on the social platform search content by using their location.

Once you manage to understand how the Insights on Instagram work, you will be able to find out what your audience seeks to see from you and how you can satisfy them. Just make sure that the content you provide is unique and interesting and the results will not be delayed.

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