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How Might The Evolution Of Computing Impact Industry, Governments And Society

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First of all, there is a disruption in all sectors of the industry. Everything from the information and entertainment sectors, which can dream up ads that understand your emotions when you watch them using machine learning; to manufacturing, where robots on a production line can learn in real-time based on what they perceive. You can imagine a robot arm in a factory that automatically remanufactures itself when the object it puts in boxes changes shape. Every industry is changing and even the lines between industry sectors are blurring, like 3D printing and machine learning come together, for example; in manufacturing and information; where fabrication and body come together

What needs to be done to ensure that their benefits are maximized and the associated risks are controlled If you envision the future of computing as a convergence of the biological, the physical, and the digital (and post-digital quantum), taking as examples 3D printing, biotechnology, robotics for prostheses, the internet of things, autonomous vehicles, other types of artificial intelligence, you can see how life is going to change.

One of our first questions in the Council will be: how do we establish governance for equitable innovation? How do we foster the equitable benefits of these technologies for every nation and every person in every nation? And, is top-down governance the right model for controlling the use of these technologies, or is the bottom-up ethical education of those who engage in technology development and distribution a better way to think about how to ensure fair use?

I believe that all technologists must keep in mind a multi-level, multi-party model of technology that takes into account the technological, but also the social, the cultural, the legal, all these aspects of development. All technologists need to be educated on both a human and a technological level so that they understand what uses their technology might be for and think about what uses they want to put it to.

What technology or gadgets would you most like to see by 2030 In my work, I am committed to making technology bring people together rather than tear them apart. There was some fear that having everyone staring at their cellphones all day would separate us from each other; that we no longer build relationships with others. My work seeks to ensure that the social bonds and relationships between people, and even the relationship between us and our technology, support social infrastructure so that we never forget those values ​​that make us human.

In my opinion, it’s not a particular gadget that I want to see, it’s gadgets that ensure that the bond between people is not only maintained but strengthened, that understanding between nations and between individuals has improved thanks to the technologies we encounter.

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