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The Essential Tools To Master Following Training In Industrial Metrology

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What Is Industrial Metrology

So-called industrial metrology concerns were much more than just industries. Its name comes from the fact that it was initially the production chains of the various sectors of the time that had a strong need for standardization to coexist and evolve together. But today, sectors such as health, safety, science, or even the environment or finance can benefit from training in metrology for their personnel.

Nowadays, competition intensifies in almost every business sector thanks to the increase in global flows and digitalization. To stand out, the quality of the service or product is, therefore, a central point in companies’ strategy. This is where the quality approach takes on its whole meaning and where metrology also comes into play. This discipline makes it possible, in particular, to optimize internal processes, thanks to a wide variety of tools.

Different Tools For Industrial Metrology

To verify product quality, most industries today require technical skills and knowledge. Training in industrial metrology, such as that offered by, allows you to acquire these fields of expertise. We will come back to this. But to be able to apply on-site, it is also necessary to provide yourself with specific tools. And these are many. The selection must therefore be made according to particular needs.

The profilometer is, for example, the ideal tool for measuring the roughness of a surface. At the same time, the caliper is the Swiss army knife of metrology, particularly for measuring the exact dimensions of a part, the bore, the diameter of a cylinder, or the depth. For precision industries, an optical measuring device will often be essential, especially if it can immediately reject non-compliant parts. Finally, let us also mention the durometer, the roughness meter, or the micrometer.

Training In Industrial Metrology

Like electronic archiving tools, those dedicated to measurement are polymorphic. Therefore, training in industrial metrology is an appropriate optimization lever in the majority of modern industries. Consumers and B2B partners have become very demanding in the age of e-commerce, and reputations are made and broken very quickly now. Being able to measure one’s production with precision thus ensures the viability of one’s business, the conquest of new markets, and the loyalty of one’s customers.

To reach this level of mastery of a discipline of extreme precision, it is essential to train. For this, we particularly recommend the site It offers sessions at various levels and themes on the subject. From the neophyte to the expert, from those seeking to improve their assessment of measurement uncertainties to those wishing to achieve perfect knowledge of calibration procedures, everyone will find what they are looking for in this highly specialized training.

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