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Always Browse To Open Chrome Incognito Mode On Mobile And Computer

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The Google Chrome browser is one of the most popular and offers the most options, although it is not the only one that takes care of the security and privacy of the saurian s. This time we are going to show you how you can deny in Google Chrome always in incognito mode, an option that we can carry out on your computers and also on your mobile.

We just have to follow the steps that we explain, in a matter of seconds you will be enjoying Google Chrome without leaving a trace on your search history. There are many reasons for wanting to do this, although we must also remember that in this case, we will have some limitations such as the fact that passwords cannot be saved or that if we want to return to a previous website it will be very difficult but not impossible.

Google Chrome In Incognito Mode By Default

To configure Google Chrome as our default browser we have to have it installed. Then we will not only be able to use it through this method, but we will also be able to use it as we have always done, deciding the direct access we use.

Prepare the tools and the device you need because we are going to explain everything you must do on the computer and then on mobile phones, a valid method for iPhone, and for Android phones.

Use Chrome By Default Incognito From Windows

For now, this method can only be used in Windows, starting the process by creating a new Google Chrome shortcut on our desktop. After we have created it, all we have to do is right-click on the access and choose the last option called properties.

Then a new page will open wherein the shortcuts tab we see a series of options, but we only have to touch on the one that indicates the destination. At the end of everything that seems, we are going to add a space and then we will include the following also counted with the script incognito.

Now we only have to accept and apply the changes to test it and check how now when opening the Google Chrome browser in incognito by default from the computer is very simple and fast. Depending on the moment we can choose which access we want to use.

Just by dragging the access from the incognito mode to another part of the screen, we will be creating that access to always use Google Chrome in incognito mode without having to complicate ourselves.

Disable Google Incognito Mode

In case after having completed these steps we do not want to use Google Chrome’s incognito mode as our default browser, we only have to delete it. On the computer right-clicking and then delete.

From the mobile, we will keep the icon pressed and drag it to delete. The classic Google Chrome browser will continue to work as before and we will not have to worry about anything else.

View Google Chrome History In Incognito Mode

Although the history of Google Chrome in incognito mode is secret and safe, on computers, there is a way with which we can see the history. This process is not easy, but it is not too complicated either and to carry it out we must be meticulous with the steps.

Finally, click on the intro and it will show us a very long list. This allows us to view the visited websites in incognito mode but also makes us invest a good time in finding a specific website.

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