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Priorities For Upgrading Corporate It And How To Return On Investment

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Nowadays, technological infrastructure and business must be synchronized to respond effectively to the continuous changes demanded by the market, and the alignment between both areas must be total. In this post, we advise you on priorities to update corporate IT and how to make profitable investments.

Sometimes the business will demand a technological update to qualify for new opportunities, and other times it will be that technological modernization was undertaken to discover new ways to optimize the business. The renewal of the corporate IT infrastructure is essential to remain competitive.

But, logically, it is unfeasible to simultaneously face an amendment to the whole and change everything from above. Of all the systems and technologies that make up the company’s IT architecture, key points demand modernization before any other, and we list them below.

The Challenges Of Edge Computing

The new possibilities of technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), hyper-convergence devices or application containers are popularizing edge computing as small CPDs that allow data to be processed and processes to be launched close to their source of creation.

This new environment of distributed micro datacenters simplifies the challenge of connecting between remote systems, in which there is always the risk of suffering a cyber attack. Now, the challenge is to have the necessary technology to manage all these dispersed data centers from a single point, accessing maximum visibility to detect and repair any IT incident remotely.

Thus, it is crucial that all companies that have understood the benefits of edge computing and are considering incorporating it into their IT projects or have already undertaken it invest in its deployment and an advanced tool capable of managing all installations centrally and remotely. This will also save staff travel costs.

Modernize The Data Center Locally, In A Colocation Model Or As A Cloud Service

Storage renewal, workplace optimization, cloud consumption and cybersecurity are other major IT trends in companies. Many opt for the cloud to modernize technological resources, and the benefits of consuming the systems needed to support the business as services are very compelling. That cloud can be a private, public or hybrid cloud. Depending on the organization’s characteristics and the criticality of its activities, it will opt for one or the other, especially to locate its core assets. The on-premises model still has many reasons to be in specific areas such as finance, health, etc.

Private clouds can not only be set up in physical spaces of organizations taking advantage of hyper-convergence. Still, they can also be configured as a CPD colocation within third-party facilities with the necessary features to guarantee the performance of a data center: energy, cooling, physical security and bandwidth. In the public cloud, it is possible to opt for the proposals of large IT manufacturers, such as Dell Technologies, where you can access their many products as services on demand; or for the multiple offers of public cloud hyperscalers (AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Alibaba Cloud).

Renew Storage As A Cybersecurity Solution

Updating data center assets is essential to improve job performance, with particular attention to storage, ensuring their security is no less essential. In this sense, storage renewal is also fundamental apart from deploying cybersecurity solutions that respond effectively to a practically total perimeter beyond the traditional circumscribed internal corporate systems.

And it is because it is essential to design a hybrid storage infrastructure, combining physical storage with cloud services, which supports backup tasks and disaster recovery. The 3-2-1 rule for backups (make three, at least two on different media and one outside the company) is mandatory to overcome a possible cyberattack.

The specialization of our professional team in the technology of the leading technology providers in the market and the partnership relationships with them translates into easy access to products and project simulations, an advantageous position to negotiate costs, training and continuous support, with the possibility to personalize professional services for the comprehensive management of the corporate or partial IT infrastructure.

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