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How To Accelerate Your Business With Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial intelligence, commonly called AI, is the broad concept that machines or robots can carry out tasks in ways that we as humans consider “smart.” AI is the general theory and development of computer systems to help them replicate human intelligence.AI is based on the idea that human intelligence can be defined and mimicked by machines to execute tasks. From simple to complex, artificial intelligence is focused on accomplishing all kinds of tasks. AI goals include learning, reasoning, and perception, but the benchmarks for AI are always changing and developing as technology develops. Some technology that was once revolutionary AI is now considered basic computer functions, and that trend of technology growth is likely to continue. Data managers or data scientists help utilize AI and develop ways to keep the data secure and available for us to use. AI research involves helping data-driven machines learn how to take new data as part of their learning problem and solution process.Technology does not stop advancing, every day it evolves and is acquiring more and more present in different areas of daily life and the economy. Artificial Intelligence, especially, has established itself as one of the fastest-growing technological trends and this is because it is, without a doubt, the area of innovation that is transforming the world and especially the way we buy and sell.
How does AI influence business and how can it be accelerated through it? To discover it, we went through the online conference starring the Data Science professor in the Master of Big Data and Analytics.
Before entering the subject, the teacher delved into various topics by way of introduction. He commented on how in the digital age technology is influencing everything and how coronavirus has accelerated the transformation of much of the business network.
On the other hand, he gave a review of the most common software and programs that use AI today. Siri, Amazon’s recommendations, Facebook ads, and the optimization that Google Maps offers through its applications are just some of the most common examples today. “Currently – commented the teacher – AI has advanced, but it is still afraid of it. It happens as it happened with the elevator in its beginnings, because people distrusted that a box supported by cables could take them from one floor to another and that’s why the elevator operator position arose, to give confidence.As for the definition, Los and Bombardó explained that AI is those machines “that can perform tasks characteristic of human intelligence”:
To reason
To learn
Solve problems

These machines and programs are used in an infinity of fields and among them the most outstanding are:
Computer vision
Virtual agents
Machine learning

Now, how does Artificial Intelligence work? It is not an easy answer to answer, but as Professor Montse concluded, Artificial Intelligence and digital transformation require data, since it is thanks to the information collected in both big data and small data that this software can reach revealing conclusions in favor of improving businesses, companies, and economies.However, these data must be “organized and classified, since if they are not, it is very difficult to extract information from them”. The use of third-party data added to the teacher is also very useful, as they tend to broaden the vision and show various angles.A set of data can throw certain indications, but seen with other glasses they can throw other conclusions. Therefore, it is essential to decipher and evaluate them based on context and business metrics.Likewise, he emphasized the importance of applying a “360 vision for decision-making in which depth can be achieved and thus correctly analyze the correlations and causalities of the data obtained.”Finally, he made it clear that: “The important thing about data is that they offer value, that they are data with the capacity to contribute to growth.”Aslo Read: What Is 5G Technology