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How Can You Make The New Business Trend Safe

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IP Addresses VPN Virus Protection

Working from the home office is becoming more and more popular and more and more people no longer want to do without this option. Instead of having to accept long travel times to the office, commuters can either work completely or at least daily from home. This also has advantages for the employer, because Flexi desks that can be shared with other colleagues are often sufficient for such employees. As a result, offices no longer have to have as much space and electricity costs are also reduced. Those who pay their employees a commuter allowance can save themselves this cost factor. Nevertheless, the home office also has disadvantages, especially when it comes to data security. However, we took a closer look at what can be done to ensure safety.

Check IP Addresses

Many employees who work from their home office use their own devices. Those who do not want this have to provide their employees with in-house devices for use at home. The BYOD (bring your own device) trend is not necessarily a problem, because there is a simple way to determine who wants to access your network remotely. With an IP address scanner, you can display all IP addresses in the network and understand exactly which device is currently active. These can then be compared with the addresses of the employees. If a VPN is used, the employee has to announce his new IP address, because the virtual network changes the address with every use.

VPN For Data Protection

Sensitive data can be secured with a virtual private network (VPN). Instead of data simply being transmitted over the regular network, they can instead be rerouted over a private network that only exists in virtual form and still requires the network connection of the Internet. If you use a VPN, you will receive a new IP address and can no longer be easily tracked. Hackers and malware no longer have any target, which is the biggest advantage of VPNs. If employees do not work from home, but rather while traveling, the VPN can also help to enable the opening of locally limited websites and content. If a page is not available in the respective country, you can simply move your virtual location to another country.

Virus Protection On The Private Device

If you are connected to the company network with your private device, virus protection is all the more important. Who opens a phishing email or catches a virus through other means can quickly pass it on to the entire network. This can lead to data leaks and serious disruptions that can cause great damage. Licensed virus software should, therefore, be made available by the employer and updated regularly. With each update, the program is prepared for newly emerged viruses and malware and can successfully carry out its fight against hackers and co. In times of digitization, the home office offers a great opportunity to save resources and time. Many employees prefer the new way of working over traditional office life. The home office also has advantages for companies, provided the security factor has been clarified.

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