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Hassle-Free Watermarking Using GogoPDF

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Watermarks have a variety of different purposes. One of such is to protect the owner of a particular document against any types of content theft and unauthorized usage. Contents are not easy to create, especially if it is vital to a company or business or even just for a special promotion of a particular product or plan.

Since watermarking is so essential, it is seldom forgotten by the authors to put into their documents. However, suppose you had forgotten to put any and convert it into PDF for it to be ready because of having a very tight schedule. In that case, we all know that PDF documents are not easy to edit, and if they can, websites offering such services require an account and payment.

GogoPDF’s Watermarking Services

It is tough to find any tools that can help you edit PDF content, and if there is any, they almost always require you to create a premium account in which you would need to pay per month’s services. Good thing GogoPDF exists. GogoPDF’s simplified features allow you to add watermark to PDF online.

This website is undoubtedly good news for the people out there, but the best thing is yet to come. GogoPDF boasts its easy-to-use website that users can understand, even those new to computers, while maintaining this service free of charge. GogoPDF’s offer of free insertion of the watermark to PDF is a definite eye-catching feature of the website.

The Website’s Four Easy To Understand Watermarking Steps

Aside from being free, another factor that made GogoPDF’s website competitive to the market is it’s easy to understand steps on adding watermarks to your PDF documents. The long and tiring search is now finally over. You do not have to convert your PDF back to Word documents so that you can insert your watermark because you can only do it on your PDF.

Upon visiting the website, you will see the four easy steps on adding a watermark to guide you in the whole process. Although it is a four-step process, the number of steps that the website requires you to control are only two, while the system’s remaining will be done.

To begin the process of adding watermarks, you need to select the PDF file you want to edit, or you may also opt to drag the chosen PDF file into the website’s conversion box. For the next part of the editing stage, you can type the words you want to use as a watermark, choose an image from your computer, and select your desired position for the watermark.

After settling on the watermark’s position you want, click on the “Add Watermark” button. Clicking the button will lead you to the third stage of the process, which is to wait for the website to finish inserting the watermark on all the pages of the PDF file. The editing process might take a few minutes, depending on the size of the PDF document.

When the third step is done, you can check if you are satisfied with the addition of the watermark and then email it to your account or download it to your device. You can do both if you want to have a secured copy of the document. If the whole process satisfies you, you can also share your experience using the website with others through your social media accounts.

GogoPDF’s Other Important Features

It is understandable that GogoPDF’s fast and efficient process may make someone think about their privacy or security while using the website. The website commits itself to value every user’s trust and automatically deletes all files uploaded to its server after an hour. With this secured system, you can use the website all you can without any further worry.

GogoPDF can be used anywhere and anytime as long as you have a stable internet connection to maximize its fast service. It is compatible with all of the most popular browsers such as Google, Firefox, and Safari. It also supports major operating systems like Windows, Linux, and Mac.

GogoPDF can also be used without installing additional applications or software on your device because it performs the whole editing process online, saving you memory storage for it.


GogoPDF’s website allows any consumer to enjoy its fast and efficient service with its four easy to understand steps. You do not have to worry about your PDF not having a watermark anymore. GogoPDF will do almost half of the process for you, with the best thing about it being free.

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