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How Hackers Access Your Telegram Account

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There are many messaging apps that are available to people across the world and Telegram is one of them. It’s one among the foremost popular and most used messaging apps within the market.

Currently, there are over 200 million users that have signed up for the messaging app. Telegram has continuously touted itself as a secure and private messaging app service provider.

Despite the claim, the platform has a security hole, which allows hackers to access users’ accounts. Interestingly, the same feature that is meant to keep a telegram account safe is being used to hack it. This feature is the login process.

How Does Telegram’s Login Work?

Telegram allows users to only sign into their account through a code that they receive through a text message. When you sign up for a Telegram account, you have to use your valid mobile line.

To verify your account, codes are going to be sent to your mobile through text message. This is often the code that you simply will use to verify and login into your account. If you’re logged out of your account, you’ll have to get a code to log in.

Ordinarily, with this, there should not be any way that another person will be able to access your account. Unfortunately, hackers are becoming smarter by the day. So, how do hackers access people’s Telegram accounts?

How Hackers Can Gain Access To Your Telegram Account

With the security protocol that’s been put in place by Telegram, it should be impossible to hack a Telegram account. Unfortunately, hackers may get access to your SIM card and access your Telegram account.

This is especially possible if you misplace your phone. Well, hackers are smarter. They understand that being in physical possession of your SIM card is dangerous. The card can easily be tracked down and they will get caught.

Moreover, how many SIM cards will they steal? If this is the only way they can access people’s Telegram accounts, then it will be difficult for them. It may shock you to know that hackers have devised a brilliant technique.

They can now access thousands of Telegram accounts without contact with the carrier. How do they do this? It’s pretty simple for them. They use a technique called spoofing. They spoof the voicemail of the victim to get access to their Telegram.

How Do Hackers Use Voicemail To Hack Telegram Accounts?

The first thing they do is to figure out how they can spoof your voicemail. Unfortunately, the security of voicemail service is very weak. It’s possible to redirect your voicemail to someone else’s if you don’t set up a security code for your voicemail.

If they gain access to your voicemail, it’s easy to hack into your Telegram. All they will do is to request access to your account and when the voice message is sent to you, it gets diverted to the hacker’s voicemail.

They can also access your voicemail through caller ID spoofing. Many caller ID spoofing services have been launched over the years. Hackers can use any of these services to spoof your caller ID.

When they do this, they will link your mobile number to theirs. With this, when they dial your number, it will seem that your number is the same as theirs. This makes it easy for them to gain access to your voicemail.

After gaining access to your voicemail, they will do whatever they like together with your account. All they only need to do is to attend for your phone to travel offline. When this happens, your messages will be redirected to the hackers.

To ascertain that your phone is offline, they will send silent messages to your phone. They will send many silent messages to disable your phone’s system and make it unavailable. Only expert hackers can pull this off though.

This means that if you want to hack a loved one’s Telegram account without technical skills, you need something else.

How To Hack Telegram Accounts With Spyware

Spywares are designed to spy on a target device. they’re usually employed by parents that want to watch their children’s phone activities. Spouses that suspect that their partner is cheating on them also use spyware.

How To Hack Telegram Accounts With Spyware

They use the spyware to spy on the phone activities of their spouses. It is believed that people who use spyware to hack the Telegram account have genuine reasons to do so.

When parents get worried about the online activities of their children, they use spyware to monitor them. People that also want to protect their relationships also use the app to monitor the phone activities of their partners.

Apart from Telegram, spyware also can offer you complete access to a target device. This means that you can monitor their text messages, all social media accounts, and other installed apps. You can also view their browser history remotely.

How Does Spyware Work?

The difference between using spyware and technical hacking tools is that you don’t need any experience with spyware. With a basic knowledge of the internet, you can activate a spy app on any device.

You can find reputable spy apps online. We recommend Spyier for its exceptional features and security. When choosing spyware, the security of your target device as well as yours should be a priority.

Whether your target device is an Android or iOS, a reputable spy app are going to be compatible with it. Depending on the spy app you choose, you may not need to install an app on an iOS device.

For instance, Spyier doesn’t require that you install an app on the target iOS. You also don’t need to jailbreak the device. you’ll only have to provide the iCloud credentials of the target device when activating the app.


Technology has made it easy to hack into someone’s Telegram account or any social media accounts for that matter. To protect your social media accounts from external hackers, especially Telegram and WhatsApp, you should use the 2-steps verification process.

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