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How To Hack An iPhone Without Jailbreak

How To Hack An iPhone Without Jailbreak

People who own an iPhone cannot stop talking about it. Frankly, they spend a lot of money on it and keep basking in its glory of great security features. They think an iPhone cannot be hacked, it cannot be defeated, it cannot be spied on.

It might come off as a surprise but all of the above perceptions of the iPhone are a myth. This means that you can not only get an iPhone hackedr, but you can do so in less than 5 minutes. Yes, it takes minimal time in hacking an iPhone, if you have the right platform in place.

Safespy: Best iPhone Hacker

Safespy is a very popular web based spy application. By virtue of its great features and functions, the application is used by over a million users in over 190 countries. Yes, that’s the kind of global reach that this application has.

Now, speaking of its cosmopolitan patronage, people often create a perception that it would be too complicated. It’s actually one among the foremost simple belongings you could ever do. Whatever is your spy conduct on Safespy, it will be 100% secretive and discrete.

The application ensures extreme secrecy. At no point in time would you even feel perturbed or apprehensive about getting caught. If you search for a hacking application online for an iPhone, the results can confuse you beyond measure.

This is why you must use Safespy despite the bewildering alternatives that the search results would offer:

Free Of Malware And Phishing Tools

Safespy is free of malware and phishing tools, which is a recurrent occupier of other hacking applications. The application is devoid of any unwanted extensions. It does not even require its users to go through any tiring robot verifications or feedback.

When you select an application like Safespy, the integrity of your data and your system will never be compromised. The application promises a very discrete outlay wherein even the user data is not retained.

No Trails

As Safespy is a web-based application, it doesn’t necessitate any download of softwares. Even when it comes to registering to Safespy, there is just one requirement for the email ID. Users are not asked to provide any information that is not necessary.

There will be no promotional emails, no messages, one time passwords, etc. Whatever features the application has, the context is always to minimize user risk.


Safespy offers a lot of spying features. In a totally remote manner, you can hack someone’s iPhone and engage in holistic spying.

Additionally, Safespy also has many monthly plans to settle on from. As a user of this spy application, you can assess your requirements. you’ll then see which plan meets your requirements the simplest possible way.

How To Hack An iPhone With Safespy

If you have a right platform like Safespy, hacking an iPhone would be child’s play. If you have the requisite knowledge that the app seeks, it will not take more than 5 minutes for you to attain access to an iPhone.

Safespy does not require any unnecessary details or information. The best part is that the hacking are often wiped out a completely remote manner. The owner of an iOS device might be in another corner of the planet , but you’d be ready to spy on them remotely.

This in place leads to a function where there are no trails. None of your conduct on the application could instigate a suspicion.

Now, coming to the main process of how to hack an iPhone, the below mentioned process could come handy:

Step 1: Registration

Registration is the first and foremost step. You are required to sign up on Safespy’s official site. For doing the same, the only information you will be sought is your email ID. You do not got to provide any longer unnecessary information about yourself.

Step 2: Selecting The Right Plan

After this, you will be provided with a list of monthly plans. From premium to family plans, each and every plan of Safespy has an exciting concession for its users.

There are greater varieties and concessions based upon the kind of and volume of usage. This helps in making the hacking more efficient and purposeful.

Step 3: Setup Installation

After you’ve assessed your usage criteria and selected the plan, you’ll then receive an email confirmation of the plan. You’d also attain a group up link. All you’d got to do is click on the found out link and follow the on screen instructions.

The instructions would be independent and you’ll be through with the installation in no time. After the appliance is so installed, you’ll then got to select the target platform. As you need to hack into an iPhone, you will select iOS as the target platform.

Step 4: iCloud Credentials

Once you’ve got selected iOS because the target platform, all you would like to try to to is to enter the iCloud credentials. That is it! Nothing else is required. If you are aware of the iCloud ID and password of the iPhone under question, you can link with Safespy immediately.

Therefore, without the trouble of jailbreaking, you can attain access into someone’s iPhone in a jiffy. If you have the right information, you can be done with the process in one go itself in less than 5 minutes.


Who knew it could be so simple to get an iPhone hacked? The web based hacking applications like Safespy have broken the myth around iPhones and their safety. So, next time an iPhone user boasts about his phone, you can just smile with pity at them.

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