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Google Maps Makes A Comeback On The Apple Watch

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It is thanks to a feature update that Google is about to offer, again, Google Map s directly on the Apple Watch. It must be said that the navigation application is very functional and on the Apple Watch, it could simplify many trips without having to take your smartphone out in the street. This comeback is about to happen after three long years of absence.

Google Maps Is Back On The Wrists Of Apple Addicts

The announcement was made in a blog post published by Google. The American firm presents the return of the Maps functionality on the connected watch and specifies that it will bring “new ways of using Maps on iOS”. What to be guided serenely by car according to the giant. The functionality will be made available thanks to an upcoming update, for which we do not yet know the execution date.

Concretely, to use Google Maps from the Apple Watch, it will be necessary to provide any new destination in advance via the iPhone application. For known destinations, it will then be possible to select them directly from the watch. Google will offer, via the update, new features such as the time of arrival or the stages of the journey. These details are usually on the app but have never been offered on the Apple Watch.

In addition, and this is an important element, Google Maps will offer the wearer of the Apple Watch different routes, depending on their mode of travel. This is an excellent thing, for example for users taking public transport in large cities, since Google Maps can provide them with information on bus or metro timetables, which Plans has also been doing for a few months.

The Functionality Also Arrives For Apple CarPlay

A competitor of Plans arrives on the Apple CarPlay. Notice to those who prefer Google Maps, it will soon be possible to use the application directly on the screen of the car, with elements allowing easy orientation. Google Maps will only occupy a part of the screen, controlling the music or any other audio broadcast will thus remain possible without having to navigate through the different proposals on the screen.

This novelty should be available from next week, so it will arrive at the same time as the next update of iOS.

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