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GogoPDF Tools: Most Convenient Ways To Handle PDFs

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It is always easy to handle a PDF file if you have an efficient tool that will significantly help you. Since PDF is becoming the standard file format, you should always have reliable software to go to or swiftly use whenever you need it. And that’s where you’ll need GogoPDF, they offer almost all the things you want to do to your PDFs, and anywhere you are around the globe, you can have access to their tools freely and without hassle. With so many tools they offer, here are some of their best tools:

PDF Add Watermark

One of the best possible ways to take ownership of your files is to put a watermark on them. By that, an unauthorized person cannot easily steal anything from you. Also, some people will take credit for the contents that belong to you. Once it is out there used by someone unauthorized, it will be a hassle for you to take and claim it as yours. Without using or putting a watermark, essential digital assets like a PDF file with crucial information are prone or easily affected to unapproved used or content theft.

If you don’t want to let it happen to you, use the efficient add watermark to PDF tool of GogoPDF. By this, it will protect your PDF file without a doubt. The tool will quickly help you put a watermark on your PDFs; you can either put a text watermark or an image watermark. Choosing which part of the document the watermark will appear is also possible with GogoPDF. Follow these four effortless steps to help you add a watermark to your PDFs:

  1. Select the PDF file that you want to put a watermark on. Upload to the conversion box provided by the system.
  2. Put the image or type in the text that you want to be your watermark. Choose where to place the watermark and then press the “Add Watermark” button.
  3. The watermarking process only takes about a few minutes to finish. Wait.
  4. After the process is complete, you can now share, download, or email your freshly watermarked file.

PDF Repair

In today’s generation, mostly all people use technology and rely on it. The world is revolving around technology because it is becoming so handy. Almost all the things we do are from some form of technological advancement. However, technologies aren’t always perfect. For instance, something can corrupt some PDF files because a virus may have attacked it or power outages affected it randomly. Situations like this can be a bit infuriating, but you can always have a way to recuperate from that, and that is with the use of GogoPDF’s repair tool.

The Repair PDF tool will extract almost all the data from the destroyed PDF file and restore it into a newly workable document. The corrected file is at its excellent quality, and you will never feel any dismay. Your file is quickly done with a single click. And since GogoPDF is cloud-based, you can quickly fix your damaged file on the go, wherever you are. And you will no longer worry about your documents because GogoPDF got your back. Here’s how to repair a corrupted PDF file using this great tool:

  1. Choose the PDF file that needs repairing from your device.
  2. The system will begin fixing the damaged PDFs.
  3. Wait while the repair process is complete.
  4. Once GogoPDF is done repairing your file, a newly workable PDF is ready to download.

PDF Split

When you are busy at school or work, then you suddenly received an email from a colleague asking you a favor to remove some item from your daily report. You can gradually scan all the pages, take out the pages that aren’t needed, or do it easily and quickly by using GogoPDF’s Split PDF tool. With their useful tool, you can finish your goal in a matter of seconds.

GogoPDFs efficient and handy splitting tool will effortlessly divide PDF file and turn into smaller separate files. Whether you want to create an individual document, attachments, chapters, or remove a particular page, use the tool, and it will significantly assist you with that matter. All you need to perform is just a few presses, and it is done. This efficient split PDF tool is a much-needed tool, especially for someone in a hurry. Copy the bellow’s straightforward steps to do the splitting of your PDFs:

  1. Please select the file and do the drag and drop method to make it faster.
  2. Decide how your PDFs to be split, and click the button to begin the process.
  3. Wait while it removes or separates your files into your preferred pages.
  4. Once it is complete, you can now share them with your associate or download the file.


You may find many PDF managing tools in the market, but only GogoPDF can give you a high accuracy level that not all software can offer. GogoPDFs make sure to boost productivity at your office. And give you a lightweight life. Now go, and check out the great GogoPDF.

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