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Which Free CRM Software To Choose For Your E-commerce Site

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CRM software is a computer program that allows you to understand and measure your commercial actions. It also allows firms to manage, track and organize their customer relationships. With the multitude of CRM applications available on the market, making the right choice can be difficult. Here is the best free CRM software for an e-commerce website.

Freshsales The Best Free CRM Software For Merchant Sites

Freshsales is the best CRM software that most e-tailers use today. This free CRM solution is beneficial for online stores that want to manage their customer contacts through a simple interface. This program helps address different stages in the sales process. The core functionality of Freshsales includes prioritization of sales opportunities and effective sales optimization.

In addition, this CRM software has won several well-deserved customer satisfaction awards. Indeed, the application presents a very intuitive interface with several sales and lead qualification features. The other advantage of this CRM solution is the possibility of centralizing all customer data (telephone, events, emails, etc.). It should be noted that Freshsales offers a free version for life and an unlimited number of users and contacts.


Bitrix24 is complete software for e-merchants who need to manage their daily tasks and CRM. With this tool, you can manage your contact center and create websites. Unlike some CRMs, Bitrix24 does not work in Gmail. However, it has an integration that syncs your emails with the platform.

This free CRM system provides your e-commerce site’s tools to manage its pipelines. Thus, it gives your online store a sales funnel, sales reports, and support for repeat sales. Finally, the accessible version of this CRM software offers unlimited users and 5 GB of storage.


It is one of the most used CRMs for merchant sites because its free plan offers many features (paid by competitors). The Hubspot software is a CRM but provides several marketing features. In its free version, this tool offers an unlimited number of users and allows the addition of 1 million contacts.

To facilitate your daily organization, HubSpot allows you to activate the automation of the creation of contact or follow-up tasks. In addition, the tool enables the everyday life of your sales representatives and allows them to devote themselves entirely to managing prospects and customers.

Additionally, HubSpot’s free plan gives you access to marketing tools. With the latter, you can create up to 20 landing pages and forms that can be integrated into your merchant site. This CRM software also allows sending emails (up to 2000 per month). Finally, a chatbot is also available free of charge to respond quickly to various customer concerns.


Zoho CRM is one of the applications developed by an Indian company of the same name (Zoho). This free program offers different features to meet the needs of online sales sites. Zoho CRM’s interface is simple and user-friendly, whether on a computer or smartphone. This CRM software is ideal for lead and sales pipeline management.

In addition, Zoho offers a personalized dashboard for each salesperson. The latter consolidates tasks, meetings, and a summary of business actions in one place. Your salespeople, therefore, have a centralized view of their CRM and no longer need to compile different sources of information. Thus, the members of your sales team will be able to process the tasks one after the other without having to leave the interface.

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