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Five Ways To Achieve Excellence!

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Excellence, desired by many, got by a few. Don’t you want people to recognize you as your name and not by saying he is as good as him or her. To achieve this level of fame, you should be best in your field. Many of us believe that excellence and perfection is the same, but there is a major difference. The perfection of having a fear of failure and excellence is the urge of success. It is alright to be imperfect in life but one must always strive for excellence. Excellence always helps you to make your point and people will listen to you. Being excellent is a way of saying you are best and a class above them all. Though excellence is not everyone’s cup of tea, below are some ways to help you excel in your life as well as in career.


Vision or Goal, it is a very necessary aspect. Without Vision one can’t focus on a particular thing. One with no vision will be jack of everything and master of none. To excel, you must have a clear vision so that you can focus on a particular topic and it will make it easier to succeed in it. Have a vision that you love and have the urge to complete it. Commit to your vision, work slow and steadily towards it. Having a vision solves half of your problem. A clear vision can help you to even make your career right after Higher Secondary by applying for government exams like SSC CHSL. If you have already applied for the said exam you may check the ssc chsl admit card.


Self-Analysis helps in finding issues or things that you won’t find easily. Self-analysis helps you answer questions like who you are, why you do certain things in some particular instance. It is important to have a time-to-time self-analysis while aiming for excellence. Self-analysis can be done by having confidence in yourself. Talking to someone who you trust and can help you by sharing an honest review and helping you in overcoming your negatives and turning them into positives. If you do self-analysis honestly, it will surely help you to achieve excellence in your career as well as life. Before doing self-analysis, make sure you’re doing it with someone you trust. Others may alter your way of thinking.

Keep Yourself Motivated

Being motivated in your life is important. Motivation is being responsible for your effort you put in striving excellence. Lack of motivation will result in low morale and working without passion are the prominent reasons for depression. Without proper motivation, one cannot pursue excellence. Keeping yourself motivated is the way to excel in everything. Some of the tips to keep you motivated are always a long term as well as short term goals, being optimistic about everything even negatives, commit to your destination and stick to it and also don’t feel shy in rewarding yourself after every goal whether it is long or short term.

Find Your Strengths And weaknesses

Strength and weaknesses go hand in hand. Finding them as soon as possible should be one’s primary goal so that you can work on them. There is no one in this world without a weakness. To be successful, one must always work on their strength and weakness which can be determined by self-analysis and by talking to your closed ones. Try to minimize weakness and maximize strength to prevail excellence. Again, be with someone who can help you identify them. Don’t trust easily as one small mistake and everything you worked will be in vain.

Never Settle For Small Things

Having an attitude of not settling in less is important to excel. As it is said that, “As you sow, so shall you reap.” One should raise their standard and should trust that they can be the next big thing. For having such kind of attitude, one should practice to never give up on anything unless and until you become the best in the market. Always dream big, it will help you to adjust your vision and bring more excitement towards your vision. If you implement this “Never settle” attitude, you can be the GOAT, Greatest of All Time.

These five points will ensure that you will excel in everything you want. Remember, Perseverance is Everything. So, before applying for any of the exams like SSC CHSL you must check the ssc chsl exam pattern.

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