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The Best Way To Send And Receive Faxes Online For Free

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As we all know, faxing is an integral part of our professional life. It is being used at different organizations and companies. There are many ways to learn how to send and receive faxes online via automatic processing.

If you are looking forward to some ways through which it can be done, this article will help you find out the best information to go for.

Why Sending And Receiving Faxes Online Is Important?

In their professional phase, people would probably know why faxing is an essential part of their day-to-day life. At different organizations and offices, faxing is a significant part of the work. As we all know that most of the work is done through computers, so make the most out of our time and energy we go for faxing.

One of the leading elements that cannot be denied is that through faxing, one can save a lot of money that was previously being used to buy different equipment that was costly.

With fax machines’ help, one can send and receive essential documents quickly without wasting any time to do the work physically. You don’t need to post your important mails and wait for them to reach the designated person. It’ll take tons of your time and doesn’t sound convenient.

Faxing With The Help Of CocoFax

This application is a feature-loaded online fax providing service that allows you to fax vital documents through an unparalleled method by a fax machine or any other fax service.

You would probably know about many faxing apps available online or in the market, but we can assure you that there is nothing better than CocoFax. The perks that we belong to the present app can’t be found anywhere else in such an incredible price range and performance.

Faxing With The Help Of CocoFax

Users can send faxes to over 180 countries with the assistance of CocoFax, because it is one among the neatest fax solutions getting used everywhere. you’ll choose their fax numbers to offer them access to send and receive faxes from wherever you would like to.

Major Features Of CocoFax

Easy To Use

This unique online faxing solution works quickly as there is no need to have technical knowledge. You need an account and your electronic device. Stay wherever you are and do your faxing work wherever you need to.


CocoFax is best for all kinds of businesses. It doesn’t matter for which type and area of business you need to deal; CocoFax will remain there for you in all sorts of conditions. Send all kinds of emails as you only need the receiver’s fax number, and the rest of the work will be done by the app.

All kinds of e-devices work fine when it comes to using this app. You can do your faxing work with your smartphone, tablet, computer and will receive instant alerts in real-time. It means to say that you will find out everything related to faxing when someone signs, opens or edits the document.

High Security

The application is being made by high security, and you don’t have to be worried about your confidential documents being misplaced and stolen. As everything will be done via automatic processing, so you are safe in sending and receiving your essential documents.


Using CocoFax for all kinds of apps is a convenient feature that cannot be ignored. You can use it on Android, iPhone, Mac, Chrome, and many other apps without any trouble. There is no need to spend any amount if you want to use this application for sending ten pages within 24 hours.

Faxing From Google Apps

Users can choose their fax number for free and on their own, which is another appealing thing about CocoFax. By only making one tap, you’ll send a fax directly from Drive, Google Docs, and Sheets by making the connection between your CocoFax add-on account and Google Account.

Delivery Reports

Here you need to enter the receiver’s fax number and can start to send fax messages. After the receiver gets the mail, the application will send you a delivery report within a minute. CocoFax offers you lifelong storage of the faxes that you send or receive. You can save all your necessary faxes till you the day you need to.

Mobile Application

There is also a mobile application that helps you in doing your work with more convenience. It doesn’t matter what kind of OS your device has; you can make CocoFax work with all types. There is no god to install anything on your phone because the application works immediately .

Searchable Faxes

Their faxes that you need to find can be easily searched with the help of searchable faxes. Add a keyword-based on your fax, and you will be able to find it within seconds, even if it seems to be misplaced in thousands of faxes.

Preview Faxes

You can also preview your faxing after creating them and sending them. This allows you from long-run trouble, as you can save yourself from the errors that can be made while working on one.

Customer Support Service

In case you are having any trouble using CocoFax, you can always contact the customer support team that is available 24/7. Contact them whenever you need to as they are pro and guide you until you solve the encounter.

Fax Covers

There is also this option of multiple fax covers on the official website of CocoFax, so you can go for the one that you think suits you according to the nature of the mail. Apart from that, if you were sending a fax and were unable to send it for some reason as lights go off or your internet connection failed, then you can see that the faxes will be sent through automatic processing on its own.

Blacklist Spam Faxes

There is also this feature of blacklist spam faxes. You can save yourself from this mess that unnecessary faxes can create by adding the unwanted faxes to the list of blacklist spam faxes. By doing that, you will not receive these random faxes that you want to avoid.

Sending Fax Through CocoFax

Step 1: At the beginning , check in for CocoFax and obtain the beginning Faxing period. After doing that, you’ll see the choice to select your fax number for free of charge . make sure that you register the email address that you simply would utilize to try to to the faxing work.

Sending Fax Through CocoFax

Step 2: Now, open the email client on your device. You’ve got the convenience to use the email client’s application or open it during a browser or via the other method.

Step 3: From here, you’ll navigate to the choice of composing a replacement email and tap there on.


Step 4: within the end, after filling all the required fields, you’ll hit the ‘Send’ button.

Receiving Fax Through CocoFax

Receiving faxes to your email is a process that can be done via automatic processing after registering for CocoFax. To try to do that, you would like to register from your email ID with CocoFax.. It will later help you in doing all the faxing work.

To receive faxes, you have to share the free fax number that CocoFax gives you. In case you’ve sent the opposite person fax earlier, this number also will be shown on their received fax, and that they can reply to you from there.

When you get the email alert from CocoFax, you can see the received faxes’ attachments. The e-mail also will have data about the sender’s fax number and therefore the TRM log.


We hope that this information will be helpful for you, and now you will be able to know which app you can rely on and how you can send and receive faxes online without paying anything. Don’t waste more of your time searching for any other app because the one we have enlisted above is the best deal for you.

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