How To Send A Fax From My Gmail For Free?

Fax is needed from time to time. However, there is a sporting chance you do not have a fax machine. And if you have access to one at work, chances are you work from home and won’t access it during the pandemic.

You might always pay to use a physical fax machine at your local office supplies shop, but they are not cheap to use and may be challenging to know. Furthermore, you want to make sure that your intended recipient receives a legible copy of your fax, which necessitates expecting a confirmation.

Google Fax: How To Send A Free Online Fax With Google

There was a time shortly ago when nobody knew what Google was. There was no email and no other way to communicate with anyone. You were required to give them a fax. Even though it was a long time ago and countless inventions have advanced since then, the fax is still alive and well.

Thousands of individuals and businesses use it every day, and millions of faxes are sent worldwide. You should forget about the old costs of sending and receiving faxes when you use fax from email.

What Is Google Fax, And How Does It Work?

Any service that permits you to fax using Google products like Gmail and Google Drive may be a Google fax service. you’ll send and receive faxes from Google with none extra hardware, like a fax machine or a telephone line if you employ the Google fax service.

You can’t usually fax over the internet because fax uses analog signals from a phone line, while the internet uses digital signals. A Google fax service will help in this case. This is why you should use a third-party Google fax service to complete the task for you.

Having a Google Fax number and worrying about anything else is the easier way to go. You can fax from your mobile, smartphone, or any other internet-connected device using this process.

How Does One Get A Google Fax Number?

A “Google fax number” is just the name given to a Gmail-connected online fax number. This link helps you to receive faxes in your inbox automatically. In contrast to a conventional fax number, a virtual fax number does not require any physical setup and can be used immediately.

These numbers are provided by Internet fax services, which permit you to show incoming faxes into digital documents. Incoming fax transmissions will be captured by your online fax number and sent to powerful servers, where they will be automatically converted to a PDF document and forwarded to your inbox.

All data is encrypted and transmitted over secure networks, ensuring that the contents of your fax remain private. Faxes will be sent to Gmail automatically once your online fax number is enabled. Incoming transmissions will be alerted to you through your phone or by the use of a notification add-on.

Requirements For Faxing With A Gmail:

There are only two things you’ll need for this task.

1. A Gmail ID:

You must first generate a Gmail address to send and receive faxes via Google Mail. It just takes a couple of minutes, and you almost certainly have already got it.

2. A CocoFax Free Account:

CocoFax is a fax converter that connects the Gmail and fax interfaces. It also provides you with a free fax number for people to give you faxes. This number also appears on faxes you send to others. In the next part, you’ll find out how to line up a CocoFax account. So, without further ado, here’s the detail:

Step 1: First and foremost, you must take advantage of the Cocofax 30-day free trial. You will be able to pick your fax number when you sign up for the trial. Confirm your Gmail address is registered, as this may be wont to send and receive faxes.

Step 2: Open Gmail in your web browser, or use the Gmail app on your PC or phone, once you’ve signed up. After Gmail has loaded, select the choice to make a replacement email. The new email popup will appear after you are doing so.

Step 3: To send the fax, you must now complete the following fields: You will need to enter the receiver’s fax number in the “To” area, usually where you will place the receiver’s email address. You can type any note you would like to seem on top of the receiver’s fax document within the ‘Subject’ area. If you favor , you’ll leave this blank.

You may create a cover page for the received fax document in the email body, where you usually type your email. This will appear on the fax’s first page. Finally, and most significantly, the fax document must be attached to the email popup.

The fax can be submitted in the following formats: Doc, Docx, Xls, Xlsx, png, and jpg. Additionally, you can bind several documents at once. CocoFax can bundle these documents and deliver them to the recipient as a single fax.

Step 4: After you’ve filled out and double-checked all of the fields, click the “Send” button. CocoFax will receive your mail and convert it to a fax document, which it’ll send to the fax number you laid out in the destination.

You will receive a confirmation email from CocoFax once the fax document has been successfully sent to the receiver’s fax machine. You would obtain a notification even if the fax were not successful.

What Does CocoFax Have To Offer?

CocoFax offers undeniable benefits that are difficult to find in other options for Google fax services. Among them are the following:

  • Fax Number For Free
  • You’ll need a fax number to send or receive faxes, and CocoFax will confirm you’ve got one. CocoFax can provide you with a free fax number even though you do not sign up for a subscription plan.

  • Adaptability
    CocoFax is flexible and can be used on any device, phone, or tablet, regardless of the operating system. You’ll send and receive faxes using CocoFax on any of your computers.
  • Authenticity
    Professional communication that isn’t reliable can result in financial and even business losses. CocoFax provides you with a delivery report for each fax you send and notification for each fax you receive. As a result, there’s no risk of losing any.
  • Safety Is Paramount.
    CocoFax uses the most sophisticated security protocols available to ensure that your data is fully secure. CocoFax’s whole fax operation is automated, so you won’t have to worry about third-party eyes on your private fax communications.


If you’ve been wondering how to fax for free with Google, this guide will walk you through all of your choices. All that’s left for you to do now is follow the instructions in the manual above. Using the above methods, you’ll get a free fax number and send and receive faxes using Google products. If you follow the steps, you’ll never have a drag accessing CocoFax services.

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