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We Know The Surprise Of Familytime App – Know What Is It Here!

We Know The Surprise Of Familytime App – Know What Is It Here!

According to a recent new published on PRWEB, team FamilyTime is bringing a big surprise of its users this Christmas. Since its publication, we are seeing people talking about the possibilities. This is the reason we decided to dig into the matter and through our sources, tried to get information about their surprise. If you too wish to know it before time, read on!

To begin with, let me tell you, FamilyTime is one of the best parental control apps available in the market. It is the app that offers many parental control features combined with monitoring functionalities in one app. Its feature-rich quality is something that has made the majority of parents use this app. Considering its hype among parents, we are planning to review this app in our future posts; however, for now, let’s discuss the surprise of team FamilyTime.

Well, this Christmas, the team is bringing important updates to the app. They have not only intensified their features which means that the controls are even more strict now but also a new theme of the app and site is coming our way. According to my sources (THE SECRET ONES), FamilyTime App has changed their colourful theme into something more sophisticated, and the placement of icons in the app has also been improved. To satisfy your curiosity, here we present you a screenshot of their updated theme. Have a look!

App Blocker Of FamilyTime App (Previous Version)

App Blocker Of FamilyTime App (Updated Version)

My Opinion About The Update

Okay now that I revealed the surprise, I would like to share my opinion about it as well. Looking at both the screens, I can surely say that the updated version of the app is extremely nice. I mean, look at the clean interface they are providing now, and the small details of fun circles and shapes on the screen makes eyes stick to the app.

Overall, the work done till now by FamilyTime is highly appreciated. We could only get these two screens; however, to see what exactly the app looks like, we all have to wait till Christmas. Stay tuned in till we are trying to get more information.

With that, share with us your opinion about the app in the comment section below!

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