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How To Make Your ERP Program More Productive

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ERP software is an essential piece in business management. And like any tool for everyday use, it needs a check from time to time to ensure that it works correctly and that its capabilities are performing at their best. Do you know how to make your ERP program more productive?

Applying continuous IT maintenance is the key to business devices, equipment, and systems running properly. We do not have to face unexpected extreme situations, which always come at the worst. In short, in the world of ICTs, we must act with devices so close to our private life such as the car, the vacuum cleaner, the toaster, the shaver. Without proper care, they will not work well, and their useful life will end prematurely.

Returning to ERPs, it is important to clarify that it is not enough to deploy the best ERP program on the market to achieve maximum productivity automatically. This depends on the use we make of it, and its underuse or misuse puts very important investments at risk, something decisive for the company’s future.

Starting Points To Deploy An Effective ERP

There are various conditions even before implementing the ERP solution that, if not well resolved, will prevent its optimal performance. These are aspects that are supposed to be considered in the prior design of the project. Still, suppose the company has carried out the implementation of the ERP without the appropriate knowledge or has delegated to a company without the correct training and experience. In that case, they become obstacles to obtaining the benefits of the ERP program right from the start.

We refer first to the selection of the best ERP solution. In other words, each business is different, and it is necessary to choose an ERP program that suits its particularities. And, in any case, knowing how to customize the ERP. On the other hand, it is essential to clean the database so that the ERP processes unique data for the entire company, being truthful, complete, and up-to-date. In this way, it is ensured that all decisions made based on ERP reports and analysis are based on reliable data.

Equally important is the verification that the ERP is the centralized platform for the company’s entire management. It is necessary to consolidate in the ERP all the systems that were previously used in silos. All company management must be centralized in the ERP. And if it is the case, deploy the appropriate APIs to link it with other key programs in the business.

Audit The Use Of The ERP

The points that we have indicated in the previous section are some of the aspects that can be identified by auditing the internal use of the ERP. But previously, we must determine what we have identified in the use of ERP, what we see is wrong, what expectations we had that have not been met, and once analyzed, we will be able to point out what is being done wrong to take the appropriate measures and correct the problem.

To carry out this audit and the required analysis, we must request the participation of all those profiles that use the ERP daily. Your opinion is very important to know the points to improve, and it is time to design an ERP improvement plan with all the information.

Enhancements To Increase ERP Productivity

  • On too many occasions, the main failure that prevents the full performance of an ERP is the ignorance of its functionalities. The same happens to us with many of the applications and devices that we consume in our private lives. This ignorance prevents relying on ERP to achieve business objectives and management, wasting business opportunities and capabilities to identify cost reduction points.
  • The solution path is the training of ERP users. Employees must know the scope of ERP and all its possibilities to simplify their work. Only in this way will its correct use be achieved and its collaboration to accept the ERP as a new work tool and facilitate change management.
  • Here we recover the importance of a correct choice of the ERP that we pointed out in the first section. In this selection process, it is essential to choose ERP programs with a friendly interface, which simplifies navigation. In this sense, it is highly recommended to opt for that ERP software with virtual assistants.
  • Another consideration to keep in mind is deploying advanced ERPs with analytics and AI. Artificial intelligence technology amplifies the productivity of an ERP solution. It is a further step to Business Intelligence, which allows knowing in real-time not only the causes of a query or result but also to predict and warn before they occur.
  • They are also capabilities present in the ERP Sage Advanced Edition. Orbit Consulting Group is a specialist in the deployment and maintenance of ERPs, and especially Sage business management solutions. An ERP is an essential system to guarantee the competitiveness of SMEs. Please don’t play it. Request our services to improve ERP productivity.

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