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The Future (Present) Model Of Vocational Training For Employment In The Workplace

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A pandemic had to come to realize that, in many cases, we were already prepared to telecommute and that meetings, consultancies, pieces of training and presentations to clients could be carried out perfectly through videoconferences. In our sector of training centers, adaptation has been practically overnight. More in need of regulatory changes that would allow us to continue than technological or pedagogical changes that we had to adapt.

Private pieces of training that leapt the virtual classroom even the day before the declaration of the state of alarm or professional training for employment that, as soon as the form or regional regulatory changes have been adapted to the new environment, show signs of the technological preparation of a sector many times mistreated and put into question because a few, a decade ago, did not do things well.

It is time to give value to the sector and all the training centers; Enough of being judged as an interested party who is only interested in being able to justify subsidies. Nobody has taken into account that the regulatory changes would have been useless if we had not been prepared to leap quickly, even immediately; Who would have then executed all the much-needed training for the recycling and qualification of hundreds of thousands of people affected by ERTEs or EREs?

And we are talking about not only being technologically prepared but methodologically prepared, knowing how to interpret the change in methodologies that the online environment in its different options supposes, and also pedagogically prepared, with trainers and tutors who know the pedagogical needs of each training channel. This situation has come to stay; we have learned and demonstrated what the sector could offer. But let’s remember that the problem is exceptional.

After the state of alarm of vocational employment training, the future, or rather present, goes through combining the best of the wide range of systems and modalities that we have shown that we are capable of deploying. Listen more to the professionals of the sector that we are the centers, where the Administration favors the execution of these combined systems, that the center can use face-to-face classes, asynchronous content in tele-training, or synchronous training with a virtual classroom.

Hybrid courses with face-to-face assistants and assistants online, to carry out the theoretical or practical classes, tutorials, evaluations, masterclasses, with support if it is the case of platforms that allow us to interact between the students or between students and students with the teaching body, exchange documentation, information or manuals. According to the combination that each training center considers optimal in the development of each training action.

No one will doubt the turn vocational training for employment has undergone in its form of the offer in recent decades. The fall of interest of the potential beneficiaries of the training is a reality; It is enough to see the volumes of execution and the pre-registrations in the calls. However, the need for it is unquestionable and therefore, we must adapt to their expectations and needs. Like any sector, like any business model, we must constantly reinvent ourselves with it. Still, in our case, we cannot do it other than in the private part because, in the public domain, the regulations mark the possibility of this essential innovation.

The model is outdated in its structure; We must give it flexibility and seek more attractive approaches that favor the two ultimate objectives of the system: re-qualify workers and improve the competitiveness of companies. We cannot have come this far and meet again next year choosing an action such as face-to-face or Tele training; the system, and above all, our companies and our workers do not deserve it. We must be at the height and take advantage of everything we have learned to favor combined modalities that allow us to innovate in learning processes and be closer to what our environment demands of us.

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