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Lovely moments never come, we should make them, once they come they will remain memorable. Chatting is the only way to know each other these days as meeting physically is not safe. However, the traffic in social media has been increasing day by day. So how can we chat with our loved ones uninterruptedly in privacy. Here you go! EmaChat is the best app for that.

Various features of this app make the couple very happy. Why is this personalized and made only for couples? The reason is, we need privacy with our partner only right! With others we can just be normal. Till now we have discussed why EmaChat, now we will discuss the features of the app. I found some of the most unique features in this app. I felt really happy while experiencing chat in it.

Why EmaChat

  • Ensures privacy such that no third person can see whether we are online or not.
  • Works only when both the parties are online.
  • Every letter typed by the opposite person can be seen by us.
  • We have calling option as well.
  • We can vibrate our partner’s mobile – this feature is best when our partner feels sleepy and we feel like we want some more time with them.
  • We can get the battery level of our partner’s mobile – this feature helps us to know whether the opposite person’s mobile is dead or not, if it’s doing to die then we can interrupt the person and tell him to charge the mobile so that we can have lot more time.
  • Pleasant music can be heard by both the parties in addition to this, they can watch the gallery and YouTube together.
  • Right swipe will clear the chat, this helps if other person is trying to read the chat from behind.
  • Left swipe will give stickers along with the music options.
  • Love symbol will be near fingertips we need not search for it again.
  • And many more privacy is the best part of EmaChat and there will be no destruction.
  • We can have some valuable time together.
  • Overall, the idea is wonderful and the work done was amazing.
  • This is just in brief about EmaChat.
  • Go download it now available on Google play store.

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