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Top Educational Software To Watch In 2021

Top Educational Software To Watch In 2021

Education software covers every software designed for the education sector. It encompasses everything from class management and student information systems to language learning and reference management software.

The software benefits teachers, students, parents, and administrators alike. Education software is revolutionizing how content is created and present to learners. Stakeholders in the sector use this software to improve the educational experience, facilitate communication, and decrease inefficiencies.

There are rising trends in education software such as augmented reality and & virtual reality for classroom use, artificial intelligence for classroom use, and digital material. In this post, you will learn about some of the top educational software in 2021.

1 TUIO – The Go-To Payment And Billing App For Schools

Among the many education software companies, Tuio stands out as a comprehensive billing and payment app for schools. It allows daycare, preschool, schools in North America to centralize billing and payment.

With its Autobilling feature, it streamlines billing and payments. Schools use the app to bill parents for almost anything from tuition and uniforms to lunches and daycare fees. Tuio is a cloud-based solution that can be accessed on any web-based device.

It provides parents the convenience of making payments online through debit and credit cards. To safeguard user data, Tuio complies with PCI DSS standards to make sure users are safe from online fraud.

2 Tutorful

According to Forbes, since the launch of Tutorful in 2015, over 100,000 students used it to take more than a million lessons. Communication is mainly through document sharing, interactive whiteboards, and video conferencing.

This startup acts as a digital marketplace for parents to find and book local tutors. It allows one-on-one tuition either online or face-to-face. The platform covers over 300 subjects ranging from primary years to Ph.D. level.

3 Outschool

The platform offers live online lessons that link tutors with children between 3 and 18 years. It caters to various traditional subjects such as Spanish, maths, reading, art, and baking. Also, it supports extracurricular activities like weather forecasting.

With online learning and homeschooling gaining traction, Outschool is experiencing an increase in demand as parents look for new ways for children to learn.

4 Guild Education

The platform allows working adults to proceed with their employer-funded education online. It offers courses from over 80 universities. For instance, Walmart pays all but $1 per day for their employees who seek business degrees on the platform.

5 Schoology

It is a learning management system that caters to K-12 classrooms with a focus on collaboration and fun. The software allows children to chat and work together. Also, it provides teachers with a comprehensive portal for administrative tasks such as grading, quiz administration, and lesson planning.

6 Kahoot

This software transforms homework assignments and review sessions into micro-quiz-shows. It allows students to solve a question together on a shared screen, allowing the first person to answer correctly to earn some points.

7 Apex learning

It is an online platform that offers courses and tutorials to complement the middle and high school curriculum. It is how of preparing students for school. The interactive courses help struggling students fill the knowledge gaps while providing enrichment for high achievers.

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