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What Is EDM Software And Why Is It Essential For Your Business

What Is EDM Software And Why Is It Essential For Your Business

In any business, the paper has always been a must. But it is also an element that takes up space and whose management is not easy to understand. In recent years, the trend has been to minimize its use, ultimately with the goal of zero paper. This perspective has gradually revealed new uses for Electronic Document Management (EDM). To implement this process, more and more companies are using EDM software.

EDM Software What Are We Talking About

Simply put, it is the software dedicated to Electronic Document Management. It is a tool designed to streamline all operations related to document management, from scanning to archiving. For the sake of precision, it should be noted that EDM refers as much to the concept as to all the tools designed for its implementation. With EDM software, you control your company’s document flow and deploy various actions to improve processing and management. This brings us to the advantages of such a tool.

Save Time Searching For Documents

Finding a document is a very time-consuming task. But with EDM, it is reduced to its simplest expression. All you need to do is enter the document’s references in question to find it in a few clicks. Research is facilitated by an intelligent filing system that considers the nature and category of documents: invoices, receipts, contracts, etc.

Saving time also means increased productivity, in the sense that employees have the opportunity to concentrate on more useful tasks. As the search for documents is relegated to the background, it is no longer a source of stress. The productivity of your teams is increased tenfold, as is the satisfaction of your customers.

Better Control Of Information

In business, it is easy to be overwhelmed by the flood of documents circulating internally. Without an appropriate tool, it is difficult to see clearly between copies, outdated or up-to-date versions of certain documents. By using Electronic Document Management software, you reduce this flow of information and remain in control. This is possible thanks to an intuitive organization of documents and updating of data. Thus, any modification made to a document is considered and updated in the software, which facilitates monitoring in real-time.

Improved Collaboration Between Employees

With EDM software, sharing documents between employees has never been easier. This feature strengthens collaboration between employees, which is beneficial at the team and company level. The distribution of documents and related information is instantaneous, even from a distance. Everything can be viewed online, regardless of the terminal used (smartphone, tablet, computer). In the context of the management of a project, this is a factor that can be decisive. If necessary, the software can be coupled with business applications, particularly those dedicated to accounting, personnel, or customer management.

Optimized Security

The shift towards dematerialization coincided with an intensification of IT security measures. The good news is that with EDM software, document confidentiality is safe. Access to confidential documents can be restricted to a given number or class of users, depending on their authorization level. EDM not only secures your documents it also simplifies their storage. The risk of data loss is thus minimized.

Space And Space Saving

We no longer count the expenses incurred by the accumulation of paper documents in the offices. The purchase of suitable furniture and the investment in external storage solutions increase the company’s operating costs. EDM brings a whole new perspective since, with documents scanned, filed, and saved online, you save space in your workspace. You also save on printing costs since you can do without physical copies.

More Responsible Paper Consumption

You will have understood that the adoption of software dedicated to EDM is a strategic turning point for a company on many points. But it is also, above all, a decision that goes in the direction of the objectives of sustainable development by reducing paper consumption. For any entity wishing to subscribe to this vision, the choice of this type of tool is essential.

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