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Dropshipping Tips: Eight Must-Know Dropshipping Tips Beginners Should Know

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A friend told me about his experience in looking for ways on how to earn money from the Net. He wants to start a side hustle, so he went about surfing, hunting for ideas from the Net. He ended up gathering info about Dropshipping. After some time, it became obvious that Dropshipping has become his model for earning money online.You might be doing something similar at the moment, so let’s talk about dropshipping. Dropshipping is an excellent business model, but without adopting and following a well-planned Dropshipping marketing strategy, you may fail woefully.

What Is Dropshipping, Anyway?

Dropshipping refers to the entire process of shipping products directly from a vendor or third-party supplier to your customers with no intermediary step. The intermediary steps may include sorting and storing products at your physical business location, etc.How does it work, you may ask? The process is fairly straightforward: a customer orders products on a site you set up earlier. You collect the information supplied by your customer and pass them onto your dropshipper.When the dropshipper receives the order, they charge a particular price for the product. They also include the shipping fee. The prices of the product are usually lower than the price that the vendor sells the product.Then the seller packages the products and ships them on to your customer. You don’t need to package or maybe store the products yourself. And you don’t need to buy the products until your customers buy them.Dropshipping is one of the greatest online business models today. It is a low cost, low risk, highly automated business model, and incredibly easy to start. But if you are entirely new to this business model or entrepreneurship in general, you need to pick up a few Dropshipping tips for beginners.In this post, we are going to share some Dropshipping tips for beginners. So, if you are just about to launch your own business using this business model, these crucial Dropshipping tips will be of immense help to you. Let’s dive in and take a look at 8 Must-know Dropshipping Tips for Beginners

1. Find The Right Vendor For Your Dropshipping Business

The suppliers or vendors you partner with are vital to the success of your Dropshipping business. Since they are the ones who will fulfill every order you receive, your reputation depends on them. This is why you should work with only suppliers that deliver well-packaged and high-quality products on time.If the vendors or merchants you partner with don’t stick to strict quality standards or fail to deliver products on time, it could significantly affect your trustworthiness, credibility, and reputation.So, take your time: perform in-depth research so as to seek out the right suppliers for your Dropshipping business. This is one of the most crucial Dropshipping tips (that can be included in your dropshipping marketing strategy) you must take seriously. Your entire business depends significantly on it.

2. Create Compelling Offers

Dropshipping is a highly competitive business model. And to attract customers and maintain a sustainable business relationship with them, you need to create highly compelling offers.Create bundled deals on complimentary products in order to make your offers much more enticing. This might be deals like buy one, get one half-off deals, or bundling several complimentary items at a significantly discounted rate. You may also offer significant discounts to any web visitor’s first purchase if they sign up for an account on your website.Always look at your offers via your visitor’s perspective and ask the #1 question every customer asks: ‘What’s in it for me?’ Ensure your offers are pretty difficult to ignore by anyone who arrives at your website.Upsell, cross-sell, offer, and bundle deals as well as promotions. Do everything legit to get those customers to pull out their credit cards and purchase something from your online store. This will assist you convert tons of your visitors to customers and even return customers.

3. Do Not Underprice Your Products

It makes sense to remain as competitive as possible in your Dropshipping business. But one of the mistakes that beginners make when deploying their Dropshipping marketing strategy is racing to the bottom regarding their pricing. They usually do that because they’re not making enough sales.Selling your entire inventory at a price that is slightly above average does not cut it at all. Having all your products at severely discounted prices or rock-bottom prices can have a significant but negative impact on your brand. This makes your brand look very cheap, and this can even irritate some prospective customers.If you aren’t making many sales, it is high time you changed your Dropshipping marketing strategy. Re-evaluate how you are driving traffic to your offers.rather than slashing your prices, consider new ways to drive high-quality and targeted traffic to your offers.You could switch from running Facebook Ads to running Google Ads and see what happens over the next couple of months. You could also consider running Quora Ads and check your algorithms.

4. Order Product Samples

One of the Dropshipping tips for beginners is to order some samples of the products you would like to sell. This will give you that first-hand feel that your customers will experience when they get the products they ordered.It is also an excellent way to assess your suppliers or vendors. You need to know how they package their products, evaluate their delivery time, etc. This will enable you to make any changes in order to significantly improve your customers’ experience.Ordering product samples will also give you the chance to take pictures at unique angles. You can also create interesting product videos, which you can utilize as marketing collateral. You can upload them on YouTube, Instagram, etc. you’ll even be assured of the standard of the products your customers get once they receive their orders.And if you are not too satisfied, you can always change your suppliers before your brand gets hurt.

5. Monitor Your Competitors

Not every business owner will tell you this, but competition is a good thing. It is an indication that a particular niche is highly profitable. It also keeps every seller there niche on their toes. Actually, it’s a continuing motivation to stay pushing the envelope.Keep an in-depth eye on what your competitors do on social media or via the blog posts or articles on their site. This will give you a great indication of the demographic that actively engages with their content. This is one of the best Dropshipping tips you can utilize to identify your target market.When you also keep a thumb on your competition’s online profiles, you will learn what is working in your niche. This will also help you to convert a lot of your visitors to customers.The ratings and reviews are also excellent indicators of where the weakness of your competitors lie. This is what you should capitalize on greatly, and by closing this gap, you may attract more customers to your brand.

6. Automate As Much Of Your Business As Possible

If you can, do your best to automate as much of your Dropshipping business as possible. This will take a lot off your already-full plate so that you can do other things.Therefore, look for and use tools like Kit, which help to automate some tasks such as advertising, retargeting emails, and so much more. Buffer is another innovative tool that you can utilize for scheduling social media postings.Google Sheets are great for backing up orders, and Zapier can assist you quickly connect your Shopify store to other tools like QuickBooks. The latter is right for bookkeeping, by the way.As you’ll see, there are myriads of tools, both free and paid, that you simply can use for automating your Dropshipping business.

7. Offer Exceptional Customer Service

One of the most crucial Dropshipping tips for beginners that you should stick to at all times is to provide exceptional services.You can employ several ways in order to stand out when you sell similar products with your competition. Responding to inquiries or offering refunds isn’t the sole role of customer service.Start by sharing jokes, send surprises, and ‘Thank You’ cards to your customers, etc., in order to make your customers feel special. People will never forget how you made them feel.And you will remain top-of-mind the next time they need to get products that you sell.

8. Always Be Active Everyday

As a beginner, you need to take Dropshipping seriously. It is a serious business; you need to process orders every day and respond to customer inquiries. Make moves to drive quality traffic to your offers.The goal is to show up every single day. This is the most crucial Dropshipping marketing strategy to succeed in this business.


As you can see, Dropshipping is the simple act of selling products/goods on your site without directly handling its fulfillment. You also do not need to ship the products to your customers or store them at your own warehouse or your physical store.The Dropshipping tips for beginners shared in this post should open your eyes to this business model’s intricacies. This will enable you to put together a sound Dropshipping marketing strategy that ensures you to stay in the game for a long time to come.Also Read: Benefits Of Using An Answering Service