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10 Things You’ll Need In Your Dream Home Theatre

10 Things You’ll Need In Your Dream Home Theatre

There are few things more enjoyable than bringing the magic of the movies or watching your favorite sports team in the comfort of your own home. Over the past few decades, the home theatre industry has been enjoying a considerable amount of growth. In addition to increasing your general quality of life, installing a home theatre can help add value to your home and make it easier to sell in the future.

The total cost of creating a home theatre can vary tremendously, depending on the features and details you hope to incorporate. On the low end, you could potentially create a home theatre for about $2,000—keeping the price low will be much more manageable if you already have the proper infrastructure in place. On the high end, a home theatre can cost up to $30,000.

Naturally, with such a wide range of home theatre prices available, it will be crucial to think about what, exactly, you hope to include. Do you want a smart system that makes it easy to control all features at once? What decorations do you hope to incorporate? Thinking about all of these details in advance will help make it much easier to build a home theatre that is both budget-friendly and compatible with your current needs.

In this article, we will discuss ten basic features that you may want to include in your home theatre. By bundling multiple of these features together and working with a comprehensive home theatre company, such as APEX Audio Video, the theatre of your dreams can be well within your reach.

1. Projector/Screen

Naturally, the most important part of your home theatre will be the screen you watch your movies, shows, and sports on. While big-screen TVs were the popular choice of theatre builders about ten years ago, new technologies have significantly improved the benefits a projector can provide. When compared to a traditional TV, projectors offer a clearer picture, larger images, and are generally more affordable.

2. Sound System

In addition to having a state-of-the-art screen, you will also want to be sure to incorporate a complete surround sound system. Having background speakers in the corners along with a set of primary speakers near the screen will help you feel as if you are a part of the action. Working with an installation team that can carefully balance the distribution of sound will help ensure you have a proper cinematic experience.

3. Smart Lights

Smart lighting systems will make it easy to control exactly how much light is—and isn’t—in your screening room at any given time. Though you likely want to watch your movies with lights turned all the way down, smart lights will also give you pre-set lighting settings such as “sports”, “party”, “evening”, and everything in between. Lutron, Control4, and Savant are among the most popular smart lighting brands.

4. Theatre Seating

Many of the best home theatres will have individual seats for all who are enjoying your feature film. Look for chairs that are comfortable, reclining, and complete with cup holders (or even trays for popcorn and snacks). By creating multiple rows of seats—with the back row slightly elevated—it can be very easy to create an authentic movie-going experience. Usually, buying these seats in bulk will help you save on a per-chair basis.

5. Universal Controls

Rather than needing to manage countless remotes, controls, and switches, a universal smart-home system makes it easy to make all needed adjustments from a single location. By taking advantage of this byproduct of the “smart home revolution”, you’ll be able to maintain total control of your theatre from the comfort of your own chair. Wall panels, smart remotes, and downloadable apps on your phone make controlling your theatre easier than ever.

6. Movie Posters

There are seemingly countless decorations you could include in your home theatre, but movie posters are among the most popular. If you are looking to create an authentic and aesthetically pleasing home-viewing setting, choose a few of your favorite films and be sure to get their posters framed.

7. Security System

As suggested, the equipment and materials in your home theatre can potentially cost thousands of dollars. Additionally, due to the general layout of most contemporary homes, the logical place to put your home theatre will likely be in a part of your home that is especially easy to break into. With a quality security system, you will be able to protect your cinematic treasures and be able to rest with some well-earned peace of mind. Fortunately, many modern security systems can be easily integrated into an already existing smart home system.

8. Automatic Shades

If there are windows adjacent to your home theatre, it will be well worth it to invest in blackout shades. Without quality shades, sunlight—or even moonlight—can potentially disrupt what is an otherwise perfect movie-viewing experience. Lutron, one of the world’s leading shading brands, offers automatic shades and rollers that can be controlled alongside the rest of your broader lighting system.

9. Movie Collection

Even in an era where streaming and downloads are especially popular, having a complete movie collection is still an absolute must. If you are looking to save on the cost of DVDs, Blu Ray, and other “tangible” films, consider purchasing complete collections in bulk.

10. Experienced Installation Partner

Lastly, no home theatre project is complete without some help from an experienced installation team. By working with a team that is familiar with both audio and visual systems, you can build the theatre of your dreams without any sacrifices or mistakes. APEX, based in Texas, is an experienced firm that can help bring your vision of a home theatre to life.


Because home theatres are generally trending, adding a theatre to your home will almost certainly create more value than the cost of installation. But before you get too excited about your upcoming project, be sure that your vision for a theatre is one that is truly comprehensive. By keeping each of these important details in mind, your dream of bringing the magic of the movies into your own living space can quickly become a reality.

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