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Doesn’t WiFi Work On Mobile You Can Connect It By The Cable

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The functions of mobiles have no end as well as the possibilities of the Internet, among all the possibilities that appear we find a very useful pair when the WiFi network does not work as it should or many other possible causes. This time we are going to show you how you can use cable Internet on mobile phones, a function that surely many learn and another probably already take advantage of.

The WiFi connection has changed life at home, at work, and in practitioners around the world, has made us forget about the annoying cables to offer us the same or at some point better results but there are still people who still need this specific case. network type. For this, we have the alternative that allows the input to Ethernet in smartphones without too many complications.

Steps To Connect The Mobile To The Cable WiFi Router

Best of all, this method that we are going to know can be used on all mobiles, both Android and iPhone and we do not need applications or configure settings. We can also forget passwords, since being by cable we skip this step.

You just have to locate the USB Type C input or the Lightning input of your mobile and get the accessories that we are going to show you below.

Accessories We Need To Connect The Mobile To The Router

As you can see for yourself, Ethernet cables cannot be connected to a mobile, basically because the plug does not fit. We do not have to force it or look for a trick based on stripping the cables, the only thing we need is an adapter that goes from the Ethernet cable to a transformer that converts the signal and emits it through a USB Type C output.

This accessory can be used with our mobile or not even with computers that do not have this type of input, something increasingly common. It can be found on Internet portals or in electronic stores, if we show them the images that we share here, they will surely help you.

The same accessory will be the one that we need in the iPhone although in this case, the cable will have a different end with the Lightning cable, the one that Apple uses in the iPhone. They are not interchangeable, so according to our mobile, buy one or the other.

Also, we will have to resort to an Ethernet cable no matter how long it is or how old it is, anyone we have at home can be used to complete the connection.

How To Connect It

Although it is not a difficult process to imagine, we want to clarify that you do not have to carry out any configuration on mobile phones. I’m just afraid to use the accessory to connect it to our mobile and then make the Ethernet input in the ports that we find at the back of our WiFi router.

When we remove the accessory from our mobile, the WiFi connection will work as it did until now and we will not notice any changes. We can keep this accessory in our fixed workstation and when it is time to connect it to obtain the best result via network cable.

The Cable Is The Solution To Various Problems

If you still haven’t found the need for this accessory, we are going to show you some situations where it could be of great help and end up with problems that we have had for a long time.

  • Improve Speed.

Although WiFi technology has improved markedly, it is not comparable to what can be achieved over the cable. We will take advantage of all the power contracted in our fixed network and we forget about the interference.

There will be no outages since the connection is direct by cable, we will have access to the highest possible bandwidth.

  • Too Many Products Connected To WiFi

When we have a high volume of gadgets or devices at home, the network is likely to become saturated. To fix it we can free the WiFi using the cable even with the mobile phone through the steps that we have explained.

  • WiFi Key Does Not Work

Although it is something that purchases should solve quickly, at a certain moment the network cable can save us from a hurry and make sure we stay connected even if the rest fails.

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