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Discover The Marketing Trends In 2022

Discover The Marketing Trends In 2022

Incorporating the latest marketing trends into a cohesive marketing strategy can make a business stand out to its customers and set itself apart from the competition. If you wonder about the keys to being up to date in 2022, we will tell you.

1. Trends In Marketing 2022 Strategy

The marketing strategy allows framing the main lines that a company will follow regarding how it will promote its products and achieve the attention of its potential customers. In 2022, there are at least two marketing trends that must be reflected in the strategy of any company:

Automation And Artificial Intelligence

The possibilities in automation are increasingly affordable and allow companies to free themselves from repetitive tasks. Applied as a strategy, they can facilitate actions at many levels: from a good email marketing plan to speeding up procedures to have more and better reviews on Google My Business. From the perspective of Artificial Intelligence, many initiatives have been put into practice for years. Some examples are systems that analyze data to spot trends and make predictions or customer service chatbots.

User Experience

Another of the marketing trends for 2022 aims to provide extraordinary user experiences to make a difference. It is not a new trend, but it will continue to be just as valid. The balance tips, once again, on focusing on the quality of a relationship with prospects and leads and not on the number of possibilities. Beyond the (always important) personalization of messages, contextual advertising allows brands to align their ads with the content of the page they appear on to create a complete experience.

2. Trends In Marketing 2022 In Social Networks

Augmented Reality

When, at the end of 2021, Mark Zuckerberg announced the creation of Meta, he made a clear commitment to the so-called Metaverse, that is, the world of augmented virtual experiences. Thus, in 2022 this type of augmented reality interaction will continue to be promoted, marking a clear path towards a more dynamic and innovative use of social networks for users.

Influencer Marketing

This type of marketing continues to grow along with the importance of prescribers, that is, personalities capable of influencing a sure public with their opinions, evaluations, and purchase decisions. With this being one of the biggest marketing trends for 2022, businesses of any size should try to find the right influencers or micro-influencers to reach their potential customers.

Social Commerce

Social commerce consists of the sale of products and services directly through social channels (without the need for an associated website). Instagram already allows you to buy without leaving the social network, and Twitter is developing the same function: Twitter Shopping. It is one of the marketing trends highlighted by Forbes magazine, which predicts that it will reach 80,000 million dollars in 2025.

3. Trends In Marketing 2022 In E-commerce


Live Commerce unites an eCommerce business with the power of live broadcasting (either through social networks or other platforms). It allows users to watch a video of their interest while purchasing the products displayed. It is a highly dynamic experience that accelerates customer conversion and takes different formats, such as auctions, streaming with influencers, or live events.

Development Of New Products And Experiences

eCommerce businesses are experimenting with making new digital products available to customers. This is the case of NFT systems or “non-fungible tokens”: digital assets for sale (such as art, music, videos, or objects within video games), generally referring to unique and unrepeatable things, or at least that is available in a minimal way, and which usually have special identification codes.

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