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What Is Digitization And How To Apply It To Companies

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No one is unaware that we are at a critical moment for most organizations. Despite the current storm clouds, there is no other option but to analyze where my company wants to be in the short, medium and long term and apply the necessary changes to achieve those objectives. Technology offers more solutions than ever to react. Do you want to know what Digitization is and how to use it for companies?

For some years now, the instability of the markets, the changing demands of customers and the appearance of innovative technologies applied to the business world have made an IT renewal essential. This enterprise technology upgrade imperative has become more apparent following the impact of the Coronavirus. It is urgent to design and implement an IT strategic plan that incorporates dynamics of culture change and process optimization to align with the new times in which we live.

Digitization Means Digitization And Reaction

The word Digitization alludes to two basic concepts: Digitization and reactivation, and these two purposes must govern the modernization strategies of companies today. We have been talking about Digital Transformation for a long time, and during the Covid-19 pandemic, many companies have finally understood what we were referring to. It has been a fact that those who had reliably started their Digitization have resisted the economic shocks in recent months much better. So there is a majority recognition that this is the way to go. Fortunately, this has also been understood at the state level and the recovery plans presented have the digital transition as their backbone. Therefore, it is expected that the efforts of companies to improve the IT architecture will be supported.

The Value Of A Partner To Align It And Business

The improvements in connectivity and network, where 5G can play a decisive role, therefore the Internet of Things, Big Data and analytical solutions, highlighting Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, the Cloud, hyperconvergence, mobility. And, very significantly, the automation of business processes will be the fundamental pillars of digitization efforts.

But it is not enough to invest in innovative technology if it is not accompanied by a cultural change in the company to optimize it and maximize its benefits. In this sense, it is critical to train personnel with adequate IT training to understand the projection of these technological solutions when detecting and taking advantage of new business opportunities.

As much as Public administrations support Digitization, it will not be a success if the people who are part of the companies and make the decisions do not know how to integrate this technology into their business processes. In this transformation, it is critical to let yourself be helped by a trusted IT partner such as Orbit Consulting Group to implement IT solutions aligned with business needs beyond fads and trends.

ERP Sage Advanced: Digitization Facilitator

The Digitization concept was present at the Sage Partner Kickoff Spain held in the virtual format last week. At this event, we were able to delve deeper into the ERP Sage 200 Advanced characteristics, verifying that it has been improved to become a facilitator of this Digitization in companies.

We will delve into its features in future posts and learn about the advantages and benefits of the new Advanced Edition of Sage 200. For now, point out that it is a comprehensive end-to-end business management solution in which it is possible to connect all the software that a company needs: management, CRM, finance, projects, production… and also integrate it with Office 365.

The ERP Sage 200 Advanced program also stands out for its ease of use with a completely customizable interface enriched with proactive help. Its powerful real-time analytics capabilities exploit high volumes of data from very different sources to make the most complete and accurate decisions possible.

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