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New Digital Transformation Has Shown That People Are The Key

New Digital Transformation Has Shown That People Are The Key

In the business world, he had been talking about digital transformation, and the increasing need to take a technological step forward in procedures and procedures, for several years now. But an unexpected and unfortunate virus had to come from the other side of the world to show us that we were not yet digitally adapted and to force us to put in place an accelerated digitization pilot in all organizations, of all sizes, to minimize as far as possible the impact of the crisis on economic activity. Welcome to the new digital transformation.

Indeed, a good part of our business fabric was already to a greater or lesser extent ‘transformed’, whether through the digitization of internal processes, online sales, or customer service through chatbots or apps. But the new transformation of companies, the next great wave of change, is the one that has to do with their employees, with people. For instance, many companies have started to look for more innovative outplacement services

Telecommuting has overwhelmed us like a tsunami. Even large companies that already offered it as an alternative to part of their teams were not prepared to have the entire workforce work from home and support all processes remotely. Not to mention those who had not yet wanted to hear or talk about this type of work. And this, in addition to the productivity challenges related to the technical part, also entails others that companies must be able to overcome: how to maintain and nurture the trust and commitment of the teams, which, let’s not forget, are their raw material more important.

In the new digital transformation of companies, the next great wave of change is the one that has to do with their employees, with people.

But the wise say it already: every crisis is an opportunity. So the smart thing now is to take advantage of the acquired strengths to build our future on a stronger foundation, capable of facing uncertainty scenarios in the face of an increasingly changing reality. In the post- COVID-19 era, it is not only about adapting the production or supply chain, but also, and above all, the management of human resources and internal communication. The relationships between company and employee have completely changed, and if we do not know how to incorporate everything that worries workers, we will surely lose their loyalty and commitment, which is what makes us strong.

But where do you start? Maybe because of the flexibility. In society, there was already a clamor that demanded the long-awaited reconciliation of work and family.

However, being flexible is not only offering work models adapted to personal circumstances or working hours at the employee’s choice; it is also to be quick and efficient in adapting to any change that may occur, inside or outside the company. Fast and efficient. Good commitment management will ensure that the entire team is willing and prepared to adapt as many times as necessary, not because of imposition, but because of a sense of belonging and business culture.

Collaboration as The Key to Change

These changes may be so great that, as a company, we can no longer remain the same. Many are already rethinking their entire business or a part of it. If survival is to become something else, we have to be aware that in this scenario, the professional must be online and prepared with all the tools at their disposal (technology, training, resources) for the new situation, so that we can paddle together.

The kingdoms of taifa are over, which for years have built walls between the different departments. The internal collaboration will continue to be a critical factor in the new business reorganization. And collaboration also from doors out, because we may not be able to make that turn on our own and we need to join other companies, investors, or acceleration organizations.

But, above all, collaboration with society in general. Carbon footprint, recycling, local production, social commitment to employment. The consumer of any product or service, increasingly, becomes aware and demands that these come from companies that do not harm the environment, society, or the general economy.

Companies are a key element in society, and during these two months, we have been seeing many of them work together to alleviate the social, health, and economic consequences of the pandemic. But this does not end with the coronavirus, as there are still very important causes to fight for: human rights, employment, climate change, equality, zero tolerance for corruption. It is about seeking a purpose and making sure that all staff commits to the cause, freely and independently.

All this is only possible through a leadership model that transforms, from within, all members and interest groups towards a common goal, generating co-responsibility and making each one of these people grow. And of course, based on technological tools that allow us to analyze behaviors, offer interconnection tools, make tasks more flexible, and communicate.

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