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How To Know If You Need A Dedicated Server For Your eCommerce Site

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Customers expect a lot from today’s eCommerce websites, demanding rich media, fast loading times, and exceptional data security. Businesses that meet these high expectations could be rewarded with impressive website traffic and even better conversions and sales – but not just any hosting solution will work. Only a dedicated server can provide the efficiency, control, and security needed to thrive in a competitive digital environment.While a variety of eCommerce businesses can benefit from dedicated hosting, there comes a time when the need for such a solution is especially urgent. If you’re considering a new hosting option but not quite sure if you’re ready to make the switch, keep an eye out for these key signs:

You’re Starting To See Performance Issues

Today’s customers are unwilling to put up with any semblance of loading time, so you must take action as soon as you observe any website performance problems. Once your site experiences issues, such as overloaded servers or increases in error messages related to database requests, it’s time to start thinking about using a dedicated server. This will help you run your website at optimum speeds, even during times of peak traffic.

You’re Worried About Website Security

If you’re not already worried about website security, you probably should be. Small and midsize businesses are often at the center of cyber-attacks, and when they’re compromised, the ensuing damage can be devastating.Data breaches, in particular, are every eCommerce company’s worst nightmare. Customers entrust your business with their personal information – and they expect you to safeguard that data. Should your business fall victim to a breach, your reputation will take a hit, and you could lose your most loyal customers.A dedicated server provides security above and beyond shared solutions simply based on its exclusive structure. Another worthwhile consideration is the potential for added protection against distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, which flood online resources and make it impossible for them to function.Unfortunately, even an hour or two of DDoS-prompted downtime can prove devastating in the fast-paced world of eCommerce. The additional layer of protection provided by the right dedicated server should significantly reduce the risk of such attacks while also delivering much-needed peace of mind.

You Want More Control Over Server Resources

One of the chief advantages of a dedicated server is that you call the shots. From bandwidth to random access memory (RAM), you’ll have the final say on several critical aspects of your server, making it easier to customize your approach based on your current needs. The ability to choose between hard disk drives and solid-state drives could be especially compelling if you’re ready for swift improvements in speed and efficiency.With the inherent flexibility of a dedicated server comes a more scalable approach, which should be appealing to eCommerce businesses with seasonal changes in traffic. Once you have the final say, you’ll be empowered to make strategic decisions based on your website’s unique needs.Between security concerns and performance upgrades, reasons abound for switching to a dedicated server. Don’t discount the power of dedicated hosting for eCommerce – it could make all the difference for your business.Also Read: Practical Guide To Choosing The Right Virtual Reality Headset