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Cybersecurity Certifications For IT Security Freelancers

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Since the advent of the Internet, computers have become essential equipment for businesses and a daily tool for individuals. But since the smartphone is within everyone’s reach, and even more so since collaborative digital tools are multiplying, computer security has become a priority issue. Here are some tips on the cybersecurity certifications that your computer security freelancers should have.

IT Security Is An Essential Issue For Companies

Of course, one need only read the newspapers online to see how computer security has become a constant issue. Elections suspected of having been oriented, ransom demands from companies after having hacked their data, online harassment, every day the news comes to remind us that it is essential to protect ourselves when we navigate the networks. And this is especially true for businesses.

Indeed, today’s companies must equip themselves with ever more innovative computer equipment to be competitive. But this advantage over their competitors can also turn into a loophole, which “black hat” hackers are happy to use to ransom them. It is therefore often essential to hire a few computer security freelancers, or even more, to optimize the defence of companies.

Essential Cybersecurity Certifications

In the computer world in general, and even more in computer security, professionals must constantly update their skills. The sector’s evolution is constant, and those who stop training see their knowledge become obsolete in just a few months. IT freelancers must therefore obtain cybersecurity certifications to justify their level of competence.

These certifications are numerous and cover many areas among the most essential, the CISA, particularly towards managing critical risks, the protection of information assets or the acquisition, development and implementation. Let’s also mention the CISSP of the ISC, allowing to control the design, the performance, the architecture and the control of the management programs in cybersecurity.

How To Recruit IT, Security Freelancers

Suppose the online protection of companies and their data is strategic. In that case, it is necessary to understand that it is often the choice of your IT security freelancers that will determine your ability to resist attacks. The pirates are indeed always on the move and do not stop forming. Opposite, many companies do not have the means to hire a team dedicated to computer security full-time.

Fortunately, the number of professionals working as freelancers is constantly increasing. You have to find them, compare them and contact them. For this, we particularly recommend the platform, renowned for the variety of profiles presented and their high level of certification.

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