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Basic Checklist For A Cyber Attack Prevention Plan

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Cybersecurity should be one more layer in any IT project. In other words, when analyzing the different aspects that will determine the success of an IT deployment, it is essential to consider its security to avoid suffering cyberattacks. It is necessary to review all the points related to other internal and external resources and systems, closing possible entry doors to the numerous threats that the corporate IT infrastructure currently faces.

How To Prevent Cyberattacks? Main Checks

The offer of cybersecurity products and services is extensive. Next, we look at essential resources and solutions that need to be reviewed to ensure they have the optimal capabilities to respond to enterprise security challenges. The objective is to implement reasonable security practices.

Antivirus With EDR

It is a primary product, but it is necessary to update with solutions incorporating EDR (Endpoint Detection Response) systems to expand its defensive capabilities. This technology combines traditional features with monitoring tools and artificial intelligence to detect advanced threats beyond malware, exploits, and ransomware. We are talking about polymorphic malware, persistent APT threats, social engineering attacks, Zero Day vulnerabilities (which, due to their novelty, are not yet remedied by the manufacturers), etc. The antivirus with EDR provides capabilities to do forensics to a security incident.

Data Leak And Encryption Solutions

With DLP (Data Loss Prevention) solutions, we go a step further concerning encryption software. They can locate the company’s confidential information in multichannel environments (folders, Cloud, web, emails.), applying corporate policies to protect it. The most advanced guarantee is the integration of native encryption functions from Apple’s FileVault and Microsoft’s BitLocker to achieve comprehensive encryption management. The encryption strategy should also be extended to laptops by encrypting their local disks (if you don’t have a TPM chip, store the keys on USB sticks). It is desirable to have a solution for the centralized management of encryption keys for all corporate IT to generate reports on the status of the existing encryption to comply with security regulations RGPD, ISO 27001, etc.

Securitization Of The CPD And System Accounts (Credentials)

Datacenter protection must be based on Active Directive security policies and goes through the proper installation and maintenance of a log server, centralizing these. It is necessary to configure a firm password policy and its frequent change for administrators and system services at the credential level. It is required to review the accounts with administrator permissions and the compromised email accounts and their application in critical services (domains, websites.), paying particular attention to the double authentication factor when those services are third parties.

Detection Of Vulnerabilities In Business Systems

It is essential to automate this function by using specific solutions. These are capable of scanning vulnerabilities in the company’s IT infrastructure with the periodicity that is determined. And they focus on the review of components such as network devices, operating systems, virtual environments, applications and databases, services such as SMTP, FTPs, DNSs, mobile devices, etc. Once the scan is finished, teams generate reports and plugins (vulnerability), determining how to resolve the incident. Each exposure is indicated: severity, summary, description and solution.

Email Protection

Email is a crucial source of information exchange in organizations, so it is so important to protect it optimally. It is desirable to have a solution designed to check all incoming and outgoing emails for threats such as viruses, malware, phishing and phishing emails. These advanced products incorporate antispam functionalities and reporting tools to identify the most attacked accounts and users. It is also recommended to apply a two-factor authentication configuration.

Remote Access To Telecommute Safely

This scenario is of vital importance today to guarantee safe teleworking. Some of the aspects discussed above intervene in its correct deployment. The designed environment must use encrypted and secure communications with VPN for each remote user and rely on a set of good practices to prevent the entry of malicious access. A dedicated remote connection virtual infrastructure is recommended, distributing the server workload and separating it from the rest. A state-of-the-art firewall will be in charge of securing and encrypting all external communications to avoid security breaches originating in a public environment.

Awareness Campaign Simulation Of Cyberattacks

Social engineering and phishing cyberattacks directly target the weakest link in the business protection chain – users. They are making a mistake, having an error. Is inherent to the human condition. Fortunately, we have the collaboration of technology to reduce your success rate. There are solutions to simulate cyber-attacks using templates and to know the behavior of users. The results make it possible to launch different training modules, included in the tool, to train staff to identify latent threats quickly.

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