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IT Solutions Update The CRM To Relaunch The Business

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Digitization and automation of business processes are critical business strategies to face the new challenges brought by the Coronavirus pandemic successfully. Among these, those that concern the relationship with the client is key. In IT solutions to Covid-19, updating the CRM is essential to relaunch the business.

In the analysis of the consequences of the crisis generated by the Coronavirus, it has been verified how those companies that had advanced in their Digital Transformation have been able to react more favorably than those that were more delayed.

Now is the time to accelerate it to be able to respond to the new habits of a consumer more unpredictable than ever. An advanced CRM program capable of meeting the demands of this new scenario is an essential tool to understand your unique aspirations and to be able to optimize and make all business decisions profitable.

CRM Software As A Centralized Collaboration Platform

Whether it is modernizing CRM software by integrating new functionalities, migrating to an optimal CRM or deploying a CRM solution for the first time, it is essential to choose a customer management program that is not limited only to the sales area but behaves as a centralized platform in which to manage the processes of the IT support services.

In the ‘new normal’ in which teleworking is present in all areas of the company, it is essential to have an online CRM program that its users can access from any location.

The ability to serve the needs of various profiles, not just the traditional commercial one, and its mobile availability through any device makes the current CRM a collaboration solution for all departments linked to sales.

An Advanced CRM Program To Renew The Business Strategy

It is also essential to opt for flexible and open client management software that allows its integration with other business solutions such as ERP. Integrating the CRM and ERP allows extending their functionalities by being able to access administrative data about a client that can determine the focus of a commercial and marketing initiative.

Through the CRM software, sales, marketing and communication, customer service and support staff can consult all kinds of data, both historical and active and future operations. In this way, it is possible to have a global vision and at the same time to the detail of the Customer Journey, the customer journey in our company.

Renewing the business strategy by incorporating an analytical CRM with Artificial Intelligence allows analyzing the desired variables applying patterns to get the best action recommendations, even in real-time.

How To Attract And Retain The Customer Of The ‘New Normal’

With the Coronavirus pandemic, we are all experiencing a new way of approaching our day to day life. If it has always been essential to take utmost care of the customer experience, now that care must be redoubled. Closing business operations in these times of economic instability has excellent value. You have to build customer loyalty like never before.

A management software CRM innovative customers and allows deploy strategies to that end:

  • Loyalty Programs: It is easy to generate these plans and manage them by watching their evolution through cards, coupons, invitations.
  • Personalized Relationship: You are sending messages to personal email accounts, communications calling you by name, showing you that we know your tastes and your relationship with our company. All your purchases are recorded in the CRM. The data of your relationship as a consumer is exploited to prioritize one or other marketing and loyalty initiatives.
  • Use Of Bots: Artificial Intelligence applied to a tool that offers automatic support to customers. This tool provides the immediacy that customers demand when contacting companies.
  • RRSS: Ability to establish direct contact with consumers and empathically connect with them to communicate news, resolve doubts and share all kinds of information.

Custom Vertical Solutions With Sage CRM

His in-depth knowledge of these business solutions allows him to deploy vertical software to manage specific business processes that can be customized according to the needs of each company:

  • Order Management Solution: Allows sales representatives to register orders from CRM to ERP directly.
  • Expense Management: Automate and simplify its validation and control.
  • Claims Management: Turn a complaint or request for a business opportunity.
  • Management of Commercial Control Visits: Find out if your distributors or franchisees are selling your products according to the conditions agreed in the contracts.
  • GDPR Management: Easily comply with the processes related to obtaining explicit data consent and its subsequent treatment.

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