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5 Ways To Improve Your Company’s Corporate Branding

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Corporate branding makes a company stand out among a legion of competitors who, at first glance, offer the same. Learn how to use it so that your company is not just another option but rather the chosen option.

What Is Corporate Branding

Corporate branding could be defined as the perception that consumers have of a brand or company. It is an intangible but highly relevant value, particularly in a digital context where users constantly receive advertising messages. In other words: it is about building the company’s identity to make it recognizable and recognized. Improving the branding of a brand is a strategic decision that, carried out correctly, brings many benefits: working on the corporate branding of a company consistently can increase a company’s income by up to 23%.

5 Ways To Improve Corporate Branding

1. Define The Company Vision

An adequate and clear company vision shows consumers how your products or services can solve their needs and what values ​​are behind your brand. For example, the vision of a brewing company may be to recover traditional brewing processes. Another brewing company may choose to want to modernize the market with new products. Defining these two visions is the first step in making different decisions regarding digital communication, visual identity, the “tone” of communications.

2. Look For An Emotional Connection

Emotions play an essential role in purchasing decisions, especially when consumers compare similar products or services in price, quality, or performance. In that case, the balance may tip towards the brand with which they generate an emotional connection. For example, it is common for sports brands to generate branding through emotions such as motivation or positive feelings associated with sports. On the other hand, a food brand can appeal to the sense of community from family meals. Later, it is about developing this idea through the messages and stories that the brand communicates.

3. Develop Brand Identity

The brand identity includes two elements:

  • A visual art: the logo, the brand colors, the type of images shared in social networks.
  • Tone and style of communication in written messages: from the newsletter to texts on social networks.
  • Depending on the values ​​chosen and also taking into account the public to which your products or services are directed, the tone can be close, authoritative.

Ultimately, it is about developing a corporate branding that makes your brand recognizable in all the aspects it appears to potential clients, including digital presence and the offline world.

4. Work The Communication Channels

It is estimated that a user must see between 5 and 7 times the brand’s messages for them to begin to recognize and remember it. It is necessary to transfer the brand identity to the different communication channels that allow the meeting between consumers and companies: from packaging to the website, slogans, display advertising (banners), or business cards, among others.

5. Integrate Branding With Other Strategies

Integrating corporate branding in the rest of the strategies, including the digital marketing strategy, is essential. It’s about ensuring that branding cuts across all levels of a business – from product development decisions to the way employees interact with customers.

How Can Corporate Branding Help Your Company

  • We are increasing the recognition of the company by the client.
  • We are strengthening the credibility of the company and trust.
  • You are reinforcing customer loyalty.
  • It is transferring the credibility of the brand to the new products that are launched.

By following these tips, you can generate memorable corporate branding that makes a difference.

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