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Connected Buildings And IoT And How To Gain Efficiency And Maximize Occupant Comfort

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Since the appearance of the new coronavirus, the world has developed a more marked collective consciousness towards the preservation of the environment. Even though the general population’s attitude continues to deteriorate the background, huge industries and organizations contribute much more to carbon and greenhouse gas emissions. Thus, technological advances are reflected in a wide range of digital solutions, like connected buildings, with high energy efficiency and guaranteeing optimal comfort for occupants. To understand how connected buildings work, we must first understand the Internet of Things (IoT) and how this technology is the future technology.

The Internet of Things is a network of physical objects integrated with software, sensors, and other intelligent technologies; it is mainly used to exchange and associate data between various systems and devices. Therefore, IoT is beneficial in developing smart buildings, smart grids, smart retail, industrial internet, intelligent supply chain, etc. However, this article will focus on how IoT can participate in realizing intelligent and connected buildings.

So what are connected buildings? These buildings offer a functional approach to building technology; multiple systems are controlled and connected through a single operating system, using state-of-the-art technology to monitor and control the building. As a result, IoT-enabled structures enable better operational efficiency and increased energy management by making continuous changes and collecting data. Here are some of the many ways that connected buildings can help you implement a better, healthier future by saving energy:

  • Different aspects of a building, such as fire safety, lighting, HVAC, and security monitoring, operate in isolation. But when it comes to connected buildings, these systems power a cloud-based network and work together in a synchronized fashion using IoT technology.
  • Intelligent buildings are highly communicative; this compensates for fluctuations in supply and reduces demand for energy by effectively limiting their energy consumption on days when power grids send an alert that it is near its capacity limit.
  • Connected buildings offer greater efficiency and more significant financial savings; this promotes sustainability and reduces service and consumption costs.
  • One of the most outstanding features of a connected building is that it produces massive amounts of data and reports on the different ways the building can be improved. This can help improve the occupant experience and productivity through a wide range of location-based services.

Smart buildings create a healthy environment that actively promotes productivity and performance. In addition, intelligent buildings also can improve the overall atmosphere of a place, whether it is the home or the workplace. Here are some of the many ways that connected buildings can improve the occupant experience in many ways:

  • Lighting: It is well known that the lighting of a place can have a tangible impact on your mood; Whether the lights are too dim or too bright, the implications for concentration and overall performance may be affected. Smart buildings give you several lighting possibilities that allow you to choose and adjust the color and saturation levels of several types of lighting like bulbs, tubes, desk lamps, etc.
  • Air Quality: Many homes and offices are poorly ventilated, provide poor temperature control, carry construction debris, mold, etc. These constraints can result in the creation of a poor quality environment and chronic health problems. Connected buildings are designed according to specific guidelines and procedures to ensure the clean, healthy air quality in enclosed spaces and filtered air.
  • Temperature: It is challenging to work in an environment where the temperature is too high or too low. If you don’t feel comfortable with the temperature of the domain you are in, the impact on your mood and performance will be handled. Intelligent buildings allow you to regulate and control the temperature. In addition, they ensure the control of several factors such as natural light, humidity, and airflow.

We recommend that you research the major electrical service providers in the area with relevant knowledge of how connected buildings work. These service providers have all the appropriate equipment and tools to ensure a smooth and reliable installation process.

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