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What Is Community Manager And How Can Help In Business

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What Is Community Manager

The Community Manager is an expert in social networks in charge of generating and maintaining a community on these platforms. In this context, the network community can be defined as a series of users loyal to a brand that connect with it by detecting similar interests and values.

The role of the Community Manager is to attract and retain a specific user profile. These actions must be aligned with the rest of the company’s digital marketing objectives.

What Is Your Role With In A Company

The Community Manager acts as a bridge between the company and the community in networks that it wants to generate.

Some of the tasks he performs for this include:

  • Creation of content and regular publication of it on social networks.
  • Network monitoring, measuring the opinions that are generated around a brand.
  • Management of questions or comments from users on social networks.
  • Connection with the community through different actions (starting dialogues, moderating conversations, and other activities that seek to generate a community around the brand).

Sometimes, the Community Manager is confused with the Social Media Manager, a figure who is also in charge of a company’s social networks. However, there are specific differences.

Strictly speaking, the Social Media Manager would perform tasks more related to the planning and analysis of the social media metrics: define the tone, the protocols to follow in cases of crisis, plan contests or other actions, establish the frequency of the publications and adapts the strategy according to the analysis of the results. That is, the Social Media Manager draws up the system, and the Community Manager executes it.

However, this theoretical division often does not correspond to reality. For practicality reasons, it is usually the same person who does the Social Media Manager and Community Manager tasks, especially if they are small companies.

How Can A Community Manager Help You In Your Business

Attract New Clients

Community management involves two actions: on the one hand, transmitting a coherent brand image on networks; on the other hand, practice active listening to collect feedback from the community.

The combination of both steps allows businesses to generate a cycle of constant improvement and a powerful brand image, which multiplies new customers’ attraction.

In addition to all that, social networks offer the possibility of making announcements, allowing the business to become known to a wider audience quickly.

Closer Relationship And Support

A thriving Community Manager can amplify the trust users have in a brand. It can manage customer needs immediately, adding value through a channel that users are used to using.

Thus, the business is no longer an impersonal entity, creating a community in which users feel comfortable and promoting more excellent reliability.

Get To Know Your Customers Better

Through digital network monitoring tools, the Community Manager can know profoundly what users think of a business.

By observing the followers, it is possible to access information about what type of content they demand, their tastes, or what they are looking for in a product like ours.

On the other hand, most users are comfortable on social media. Maintaining this type of connection with a business makes it easy for them to have initiative, give opinions or propose improvements easily and quickly, something they might not do if they have to make a more significant effort, speaking in person with a manager or sending a letter or email.

Crisis Management

A simple comment can be crucial to provoke a misunderstanding in networks and create a brand image crisis. In this situation, the Community Manager becomes an important figure who will take advantage of his in-depth knowledge of the community to manage the problem and not only succeed but also reinforce the brand image.

Possible reputational crises make many companies avoid being present on social networks. However, not being in systems only ignores the problem. It does not solve it. On the contrary, with a network profile and a professional Community Manager, it is possible to detect crises in time and redirect them.

Skills Of A Good Community Manager

The perfect Community Manager for your company will have at least the following skills:

  • He has communication skills, highlighting the ability to listen and empathy.
  • He knows how to detect trends and take advantage of popular culture elements to connect with his followers.
  • Has the ability to analyze and organize to generate a fluid work rhythm.
  • Get an in-depth knowledge of social media tools and how users use them today.
  • Knows network analysis tools to gather feedback.

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