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Cloud Direct How To Migrate To The Cloud With A Secure Connection

Cloud Direct How To Migrate To The Cloud With A Secure Connection

The lack of confidence in the security of the public cloud continues to be a great obstacle that slows the jump to the cloud for many companies. In this post, we explain what Cloud direct is and how to migrate to the Cloud with a secure connection.

Even though the majority of service providers in the public Cloud strive to implement increasingly complete and innovative cybersecurity technology, the suspicion of many organizations that their corporate data leaves their facilities and is exposed to theft or cyber-attacks continues to be very present.

The consumption of IT infrastructure resources or software as a service through pay-per-use in external Clouds is a very attractive option to modernize the corporate IT architecture, but not even the fact that many of these Clouds belong to the traditional manufacturers of HW and SW manages to convince the most conservative.

When To Use Public Cloud What To Upload To The Public Cloud

The problem is that this fear can impair the agility of the business to respond as quickly as possible to the changing demands of the market. Quickly providing yourself with the resources you need at all times, ensuring their suitability, quality, innovation, and profitability, is practically impossible. That is precisely where the Public Cloud has its reason for being.

It is not about bringing the company’s IT core to the public cloud, but about relying on it to meet specific needs, being able to address new business opportunities that require maximum speed, hire specific solutions for departments, etc.

What is indisputable today is that it is necessary to connect all business systems (physical on-premises, shared public clouds, or public clouds with dedicated private spaces) to combine multiple data in search of valuable information.

In that connection is where the main security threat resided until now, since integration with the Public Cloud was through the Internet, the most feared word for CSOs and security professionals.

Secure Networking Environment Connect To The Cloud With A Private Network

Cloud Direct technology is the answer to those companies that are reluctant to hire resources in the public Cloud. It consists of the use of a private corporate network to connect directly to any Cloud, be it private, corporate, public, or hybrid. Having a dedicated own network to make this connection is no longer necessary to use the Internet.

In this way, it is the company that fully controls the security of said communication, since the network is deployed following its cybersecurity policy. If the local IT infrastructure is optimally secured and HW or SW assets have been contracted in Clouds from trusted providers, you will enjoy an environment with very high levels of security. Cybercriminals are much more reluctant to attack these types of deployments compared to highly vulnerable accesses using the Internet.

But deploying a private network with Cloud Direct technology also brings other benefits. Transmissions gain in performance, speed, quality, and reliability by not depending on the state of the Internet, possible drops, and interruptions that can negatively impact business processes.

Expand And Upgrade It Resources In The Cloud

Cloud Direct is a highly recommended technology to implement hybrid IT infrastructures that combine physical systems and in the Cloud, and access without fear to services as interesting as BaaS and DraaS (Backup as a Service and Disaster Recovery as a Service), expand storage and computing in IaaS providers or marketplaces like MS Azure or AWS. Our company offers consulting, integration, and management services to migrate to the Cloud in an efficient, secure, and profitable way.

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