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Cybersecurity How To Keep Your Children Protected On The Internet?

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The Internet came to make our lives much easier, because today, with just one click, we can access millions of pages of information. In the same way, reading, communicating, shopping and entertaining is much easier thanks to the internet.

While the internet is full of benefits, it also has some downsides. One of them is security since more and more hackers are willing to attack you to access your information. No one is exempt from this risk, no matter if you are a man, woman, child, or businessman, you are vulnerable to hacks.

Cybersecurity For Children

Today more and more children are accessing the internet, either for entertainment or for fun. Unfortunately, this sector is the most vulnerable, since deceiving them often turns out to be something easy, due to their innocence and overconfidence.

Protecting them is very important, although we know that you cannot be behind them all the time. That is why here we will tell you 7 methods that will help you know how to keep your children safe when they surf the internet from the computer or mobile, tablet, console, etc.

Create Awareness In Your Little Ones

The first thing you should do is talk to your little ones and tell them about the risks they face online. The idea is to awaken in them the awareness that the internet is not only games and music, it also has risks. This will make the responsibility much greater on the part of your children, giving them the necessary tools to make the best decisions. Also, this point is very important, as it will help you make the following points much easier to understand.

Protect The Identity Of The User

One of the highest risks on the Internet is that your children, accidentally or on purpose, show personal data such as your home address or personal phone. This is because many platforms such as social networks not only require this information to open an account, they also give you options such as sharing your location.

In addition to talking with your children about how to protect their identity and the importance of not revealing personal data. You can also use more technological tools to protect your data, or even use an alternative name, as well as fictitious data.

Keep Your Computer Protected

To prevent cybercriminals from sneaking into your computer, you must keep your operating system updated. We do not dispense with patches and security updates, since these are responsible for making the computer’s defenses more robust to new types of viruses and malware.

Similarly, having an antivirus that is powerful and that is also at the forefront in protecting computers is important. Before buying one, check the antivirus comparison to find the best antivirus for your computer, this will make breaking it much more difficult.

Hard-To-Hack Passwords

Another fairly common mistake among children is to use very easy-to-guess passwords such as 12345. It is also very common to see that a password is used for everything, from unlocking the computer to accessing email or Facebook, for example.

According to experts, this is a great risk, as it makes it easier for hackers to guess your password. Ideally, create passwords with letters, numbers, and symbols that are difficult to guess. In addition, it is recommended to use one password per account, that is, one for Facebook, another for email, etc.

Monitor Your Children’s Activity

To know if your children are following the security measures, it is necessary to be aware of their internet habits. That is why monitoring the way they browse the web turns out to be extremely important. There are many ways to do this, one of the simplest is to enter the search history and review it manually. There are also applications such as parental control programs that take care of all this. Dedicate at least one day a week to be aware of how your little ones use the internet.

Beware Of Cyberbullying

Bullying nowadays is not only done at school, it can also be done outside of it through the internet, this is known as Cyberbullying. The risk of cyberbullying is that it can lead your children to other problems such as depression and even suicide. The best way to prevent future cyberbullying problems is to talk to your kids so they know if everything is okay. Monitoring your internet activity is also a good way to prevent the risk of cyberbullying.

Promote Values

Finally, we recommend that you promote different values ​​among your children so that you can understand the potential of the internet and also the risks. The ideal is to promote concepts such as responsibility, trust, security, protection, and also honesty. This with actions that help to better understand the concepts.

There are games, for example, where you can promote values ​​such as friendship or communication. You can also promote concepts like trust by helping them distinguish which sites are trustworthy and which are not. Thus, children will better understand how the internet works and preventing cyber threats.

Technology Is Your Best Ally

You should know that technology can be your best ally since there are a large number of programs that can reduce the risk of hackers and threats. For example, programs like VPN, antivirus, among others are good tools that will help you keep children safe.

Another option that you can take advantage of our parental control systems, which are responsible for protecting your children when browsing. Considering these programs can be a good idea when awareness is not working. You can even add up all these tips to ensure 360 ​​° protection.

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