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Buying Followers Is It Worth The Investment & Influencers

Buying Followers Is It Worth The Investment & Influencers

Today, any company that wants to achieve success will have to implement a social media marketing strategy. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube, all companies must be present on social networks to reach their potential Internet audience. In theory, getting started on the social network seems like a simple task: with a few clicks it is possible to create a company fan page on Facebook or a company profile on Instagram.

Now, any marketing strategy in social networks requires a large investment of time and work. You need to plan content and posts weeks, and constantly take care of collaborations with influencers. However, those channels managed professionally and with constant publications hardly provide benefits from the marketing perspective if they do not have followers. Just because publishing the first post seems easy doesn’t mean that getting started with any of these platforms is as simple as it sounds. Because followers rarely arrive on their own, getting and keeping them is a laborious and highly responsible task. As a consequence, and faced with the question of how to get followers, many come to consider buying them and, therefore, take the fast path to success on social networks. Now, although buying likes seems interesting, does it make sense?

The Business Of Likes And Followers

Where do you buy followers? On the Internet, there are innumerable providers specialized in “buying followers”. With a short Google search, you will find an extensive list of web pages that offer some form of selling followers.

Many of the Internet providers cover a wide spectrum, as they are not only limited to the sale of followers for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter but also cover the set of social networks, including Snapchat, YouTube, Google+ and even Soundcloud. Besides, on some platforms, you can decide if you only opt for the purchase of followers, that is, likes, or if you prefer to also acquire other types of interactions such as shares, comments, retweets, or downloads. Also, some providers even allow you to select the national or international scope of the fictitious accounts that carry out these interactions.

In principle, all suppliers that market with followers usually do it through packages. For example, 1,000 followers are acquired at once or spread over several weeks. If you opt for large packages, you usually get a discount and smaller packages are available from 10 euros, although there is no pre-established limit price from here. In addition to a significant number of followers and likes, the provider also offers higher quality user profiles in exchange for a more expensive offer. In short, buying followers or buying likes does not represent a great investment of money, since it is possible to acquire a few thousand followers on Instagram for a few euros.

Unlikely Influencers

When there is suddenly a drastic increase in followers on an account, the first problem arises. A channel whose number of followers increases to 10,000 in just a few days seems anything but credible and organic. Although for companies, at first glance, this may not be of any importance, the purchase of followers can have as a dire consequence the loss of consumer confidence in the brand. In addition to corporate profiles, some private users make a living through cooperations on social networks: bloggers, vloggers, actresses or models, better known as influencers, for whom likes and interactions are essential.

If you are a blogger or influencer, companies that are interested in starting cooperation can quickly determine if you have built your reach organically or if you have bought likes and followers. Currently, numerous tools allow you to analyze an Instagram account in seconds. Thus, when a company is looking for an influencer as a testimonial for its products but finds in the statistics with which the followers were bought, it will immediately lose interest in cooperation. Now, identifying whether an account bought followers or not is not only achieved through statistical tools: a glance at the list of followers says much more than a thousand analyzes. Typical indicators of follower buying are profiles without photos and cryptic names.

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