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Top Five Digital Marketing Trends That Will Fuel Your Branding In 2021

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Nothing in this world continues to evolve more rapidly than digital marketing. As old technologies become outdated and new ones arrive, it can be challenging to keep track of all the latest marketing industry trends. According to a Digital Marketing Institute survey, around a quarter of all marketers still spend 90 percent of their budget promoting their products or services. While they still see a drop in revenue due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 2021 was highly unpredictable in terms of marketing trends. It meant that the ones that experts predicted would come to light after the pandemic didn’t emerge at all, while others took the lead. Most notably, online sales went through the roof, and people started to spend significant time on social media platforms.

Interestingly, telecommunication became the norm. We saw numerous companies switch their business operations to the cloud and encouraged their employees to adopt work-from-home practices. A year of varied customer responses to the pandemic in 2020 provided us with insight into the latest marketing trends and the ones expected to dominate the digital marketing field in 2021. And for businesses to stay in the game these days need to be aware of such trends. Listed below are a few top marketing practices that you need to know for desired customer engagement, web traffic, and ultimately more sales.

Whenever a person visits a website to find information about a particular topic, such as a cooking recipe, the website will suggest they download that information in an ebook form. One can come across thousands of these online, and the number is quickly growing. Marketing through ebooks will be a game-changer because every other person now downloads books in their electronic form instead of purchasing a hardcopy. Now, what better way to sell your services and products and build brand credibility than via a single source. All you will require is an easy ebooks creation tool and content to go along with it. They are relatively easy to produce and will offer you the best value for your money.

However, the most common issue you will face is distributing them to the right people. Sure, anyone can download an ebook, but will it be valuable for them? Some strategies include offering your ebooks through platforms such as or your website in exchange for the viewer’s email address, name, and other contact details. Due to the distinctive advantages that ebooks provide, it is only logical to incorporate them into your general marketing strategy, reaping its benefits in the process.

  • Smartbidding

Automated bidding has already been here for the last decade or so. It is easy to see why: just put in the parameters like volume and price, and the computer will do everything else for you. However, there is a new form of automated bidding technique emerging. Marketers refer to it as Smart bidding. However, they always avoided using it and quickly shut it down as it used to be less feature-rich. It also had some issues, such as reduced audience targeting and minimal budgetary control.

But, low and behold, Google is continuously improving and refining the smart bidding algorithms. Experts now believe that it will be the way of the future and become a popular option amongst marketers in 2021. After all, who would want a tech giant such as Google to take responsibility for ad placement through the use of cutting-edge AI?

  • Voice Searching

A marketing technique such as voice search is not a part of the Google algorithm, but it still dictates search engine results. Voice searches sometimes present less accurate search results to the user than what they would get if they typed something in the Google search bar. For SEO, it is wise for businesses to stay aware of the voice search option. Thousands of consumers have now adopted it as their primary way to conduct searches online.

For your content to have a high ranking when a consumer conducts a voice search, you must optimize it for voice. Your content needs to be more conversational, direct to sync and provide relevant search results to the user. It will allow your content to become more visible to customers and give you a boost in online traffic generation.

  • Live Streaming

Due to the covid-19, there were no in-person business events in 2020, and customers had to stay at home instead of attending live events. It forced people to turn to live-streams, be it a branded live-stream, an Instagram live-stream from their favorite sports personality, or a live workshop stream. Facebook saw an increase in live views by 50 percent during lockdowns, while Instagram viewings increased by 70 percent. And these figures continue to grow in 2021.

Live-streaming through influencer engagement will allow your business to build trust and provide a platform for 2020 consumers that they always wanted. For instance, look at how influencers used Amazon to promote their favorite products. They took to Amazon live and started promoting products to people worldwide during live events. On top of that, these live events were shoppable. Meaning, It led to many consumers purchasing products while having no interruptions in their watching experience.

  • Local SEO

Google updates its SEO algorithms every day. And if you own a local business, you need to make sure that all your listings remain current and verified on all popular search engines. It is vital because Google My business Listing provides customers with information such as business hours, geographical location, and services. Businesses need to ensure that such information is as accurate and possible. If there are any errors, they will annoy and misguide their customers, forcing them to go for their competitors instead.

One tip that businesses should look out for is incorporating a geographically-defined location inside their local listing. It will allow them to become visible in ‘near me’ searches. It is possible because most search engines, especially Google, give priority to relevance. And the more relevant your detail, the easier a prospective customer will find. Keeping your local listings up-to-date will allow your customers to get aware of any promotions, deals, or information you want to convey to them promptly.


While we could only cover a few popular digital marketing trends in this article, you shouldn’t ignore them and incorporate them into your marketing strategy for 2021. Little things such as shifting your focus more towards local search and social media or optimizing for voice search will bring in considerable revenue to your business. After all, who wouldn’t want their brand to be successful? All it will take is some development and improvisation to your digital marketing strategies.

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